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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109747829, Entry date: 06/19/2017

SIMOTICS A-1FU8: Product discontinuation in FY2017 - UPDATE 05.03.2019

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For the Product series SIMOTICS A-1FU8 (old: siemosyn 1FU8), product cancellation is effective Sep 30, 2017. The spare part and repair phase will now commence.

 Update 05.03.2019:

As announced, the product cancellation took place on 01.10.2017.

Due to component discontinuations of our suppliers, a SIMOTICS A-1FU8 can now only be repaired. Replacement motors are no longer available.

Due to the discontinuations the delivery time in the PMD was set "on request".

For delivery time information, please contact the post office: mcewnrepairs.industry@siemens.com


Milestone schedule

  • Announcement for total discontinuation:
    • Since May 1, 2017
    • The delivery of the 1FU8 motor series will be stopped when the last orders have been delivered.
  • Product cancelation:
    • Effective Sep 30, 2017
    • Last orders can be placed until this date
    • As from the valid milestone, all spare parts will be delivered at list prices

Replacement product

A replacement product will not be available. In individual cases it will be possible to use synchronous reluctance motors of the SIMOTICS VSD4000 Line series.

The compatibility with existing machines can only be ensured by stocking up on spare parts (last-time buy).

Stock-up on products

Final orders are possible until Sep 30, 2017.

When placing orders, please always observe our current delivery times, as the pricing depends on the date of delivery instead of the date of order (prices on the day of delivery).

In individual cases, this means that deliveries performed prior to Sep 30, 2017, will be charged at the currently valid prices. All deliveries performed after Sep 30, 2017, will be charged at the prices applying then.

In accordance with the PLM process, the milestones

  • Phase-out announcement:
    mean that the product will still be available after this date up to product cancelation, but will no longer be actively marketed.
  • Product Cancelation:
    After this date only replacement motors and spare parts will be available.
  • Product Discontinuation:
    The delivery of spare parts and the execution of repairs is stopped, only technical information for this product is still available.
  • End of Product Lifecycle:
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