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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 109747837, Entry date: 05/25/2017

Subject: Maxum Workstation Patch 5.20.07

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Maxum Workstation Patch 5.20.07

Description: This patch contains software corrections and enhancements.  Refer to MaxumWorkstation_Patch_5.20.07_Readme.pdf for a detailed description of changes.  (This patch includes all changes from patches 5.20.01 through 5.20.07 and can be installed over any 5.20.xx level installation. )

To install:  Unzip and download the .exe and Readme.pdf files to your workstation.  Run the .exe file to upgrade your 5.20.xx Workstation and then upgrade Maxum software to each GC as desired.

Software Download:

  MaxumWorkstation-Patch-5-20-07-Readme.pdf (260,4 KB)
  Maxum-Workstation-Patch-5-20-07-Setup.zip (93,9 MB)

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