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Information regarding orders with CIN (Configuration Identification Number)

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This entry contains information on ordering with a CIN (Configuration Identification Number)


How can I order SIRIUS ACT devices with a CIN (Configuration Identification Number)?


The following information is available in the SIRIUS ACT Configurator  under "News":

After completing your configuration, you can manually generate a CIN (Configuration Identification Number). When directly ordering via the Mall shopping cart, the CIN is generated automatically. Your configuration will be saved automatically in the system under this CIN. In addition to the article number, you must always save the CIN, and for every subsequent order, specify the article number and the order code (K0Y) with the CIN in the order as e-text.
Example: Dialog box following generation of a CIN via the Configurator menu:

 Article number: 3SU1801-0AZ00 K0Y = CIN20150609140858154554

Using the CIN mechanism simplifies the ordering process:
- Configuration files no longer have to be kept by users
- Standard ordering channels can be used
- Configuration files no longer need to be sent to the factory via Email.
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