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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109747933, Entry date: 12/14/2017

SIRIUS Modular System: ”mission accomplished”

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The last years have brought numerous innovations. A totally new generation of switching, protecting and monitoring devices up to 55kW in sizes S00 to S3 have been successfully introduced to the market. This will be rounded off by 1st October 2017 with additional contactors for special applications and a facelift of our proven devices in frame sizes S6 – S12 from 55 kW to 250kW.

This facelift includes the following:

  • Design change of basic devices S6 –S12 and its auxiliaries, colour change to titan grey with same article numbers.  Within the sizes S6 to S12, light grey accessories are functionally compatible with titan grey main devices, as are titan grey accessories with light grey main devices.
  • Enhancement and renewal of product data (e.g. product data sheets, graphical product data)
  • Integration in electronic selection tools as TIA Selection Tool

  • Enhancement and renewal of short circuit combination test ratings with new MCCB generation 3VA or tests with fuses up to 100kA short circuit current

  • Enhanced contactor portfolio in S00-S12 for extended conditions (and special railway standard certification according IEC 60077) as well as contactors with failsafe control from S6-S12

  • Update / changing parts in als delivered connecting parts

  • For overload relays 3RB20/21 S6-S12 can be use the accessories from 3RB30/31 for Reset-Modules and sealable cover. Details see below Point 4e) 


Approvals, certifications and technical features remain valid or will be improved.
Customer part lists, engineering or documentation are not affected.

 Following products are affected:


3RT105, 3RT106, 3RT107, 3RT126, 3RT127, 3RT145, 3RT146, 3RT147

Auxiliaries, mainly Auxiliary contacts

3RH19 and 3RT19

Overload Relays and Auxiliaries

3RB205, 3RB206, 3RB215, 3RB216, 3RB22, 3RB23, 3RB29

  Registrierung notwendig  Article_numbers_02062017.xlsx (851,2 KB) 

Please note that:
The reworked titan grey auxiliary components (such as 3RH19 or 3RT19) can still be used for the light grey predecessor main devices from sizes S0 to S3 (which will be phased out). A colour mix between main and auxiliary device can therefor arise.


6. Changed Connection Parts:

In the set of the connection parts following components are changed:
Washer and spring washer are replaced by a new spring  washer

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