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SIMATIC ET 200SP HA Distributed I/O system

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The new SIMATIC ET 200SP HA (Scalable I/O System, High Availability) offers you the ideal basis for the digital challenges in the process industry and is now released for delivery.

The distributed I/O system SIMATIC ET 200SP HA is perfectly suited for the requirements of the process industry. Special characteristics are the compact design, flexible connection possibilities, and high system availability due to redundant PROFINET connections.


1. Components

The system basically consists of the following components:

  • Carrier modules for interface modules:  The carrier modules are used for the electrical and mechanical connection of the individual modules.
  • Interface modules (IM) for connection to PROFINET single or redundant. The fieldbus is connected via the Busadapter (BA), which allows connection technology and physics to be freely selected according to the application requirements.

  • Server module closes the station.

  • Carrier modules for I/O modules: By connecting the carrier modules to the terminal blocks, the slots for the I/O modules are created.

  • Terminal blocks: The terminal blocks provide the process terminals for connecting the sensors, actuators and other devices.

  • I/O modules determine the function of the module at the terminals. I/O modules are subdivided into module types. These are characterized in each case by modul-type-specfic and colored square printed on the front.

    • Digital input (DI), color: white

    • Digital output (DQ), color: black

    • Analog input (AI), color: light blue

    • Analog output (AQ), color: dark blue

    • Analog/Digital (CIQ), color: grey

  • Accessories (opional)

    • Labeling strips and color identification labels are offered for individual labeling.

    • For the color identification of the potentials defined by the plugged I/O module, there are module-specific color identification labels.

    • A shield connection is available for fast, low-impedance connection of cable shields.

2. Order numbers

ProductOrder number
I/O modules


ET 200SP HA, AI16xTC/8xRTD 2-/3-/4-WIRE6DL1134-6JH00-0PH1 
ET 200SP HA, AI-DI16/DQ16x24VDC HART 6DL1133-6EW00-0PH1
ET 200SP HA, AQ 8xI HART HA 6DL1135-6TF00-0PH1 
ET 200SP HA, DI 16x24VDC 6DL1131-6BH00-0PH1
ET 200SP HA, DI 8x230VAC 6DL1131-6GF00-0PK0 
ET 200SP HA, DI 8x24 ...125VDC HA 6DL1131-6DF00-0PK0 


ET 200SP HA, DI 32X24VDC6DL1131-6BL00-0PH1
ET 200SP HA, DQ 16x24VDC/0,5A 6DL1132-6BH00-0PH1 
ET 200SP HA, DQ 32X24VDC/0,5A6DL1132-6BL00-0PH1
ET 200SP HA, RQ 4x24VUC 230VAC/5A Changer

Carrier modules
Carrier module IM redundant with server module 6DL1193-6BH00-0RM0 
Carrier module IM single with server module &
IM cover
Carrier module for 2 I/O modules from a ET 200SP HA
Carrier module for 8 I/O modules from a ET 200SP HA
Interface modules
IM 155-6 PN 

ET 200SP HA, Busadapter 2xRJ456DL1193-6AR00-0AA0 
ET 200SP HA, Busadapter 2xFC6DL1193-6AF00-0AA0
ET 200SP HA, Busadapter 2xLC

Server modules
ET 200SP HA, server module (spare part)
Mounting rails
Mounting rail 482mm (19")6DL1193-6MC00-0AA0
Mounting rail 1500mm (59")

Terminal blocks
Terminal block TB22-P16+A0+4B (dark colored)6DL1193-6TP00-0BK0
Terminal block TB22-P16+A0+4D (light colored)6DL1193-6TP00-0DK0
Terminal block TB22-P32+A0+4B/T (dark colored)6DL1193-6TP00-0BH1
Terminal block TB22-P32+A0+4D/T (light colored)6DL1193-6TP00-0DH1
Terminal block TB45R-P32+A0+4B/T (dark colored)6DL1193-6TP00-0BM1 
Terminal block TB45R-P32+A0+4D/T (light colored)
Terminal block TB45-P32+32x24V+4M+4B (dark colored) 6DL1193-6TP00-0BP0 
Terminal block TB45-P32+32x24V+4M+4D (light colored)6DL1193-6TP00-0DP0
Terminal block TB45-P32+36xM+4B (dark colored) 


Terminal block TB45-P32+36xM+4D (light colored) 

5 TM-Cover, 22,5MM, to protect empty PM slots 
5 IM-Cover, 50MM, to protect empty IM slots 
Labeling stripes
450 Labeling stripes, light grey, 10 sheets DIN A4, perforated, paper 280g/m²
500 Labeling stripes, light grey, roll with 500 labels
Color identification labels
10 color identifications labels, color code CC00 
10 color identifications labels, color code CC016DL1193-6CP01-2HH1
10 color identifications labels, color code CC026DL1193-6CP02-2HH1 
10 color identifications labels, color code CC406DL1193-6CP40-2HK0 
10 color identifications labels, color code CC426DL1193-6CP42-2HK0 

3. Benefits

Ease of use
Ease of use The SIMATIC ET 200SP HA impresses with its especially simple installation and assembly. The new terminal block layout and the push-in technology make tool-free wiring possible. Higher flexibility during the installation in the control cabinet is possible due to the separation of mechanical and elec tronical components, allowing the station to be prewired without I/O modules. Slot covers can be inserted on the integrated terminal blocks, which can be replaced at any time. In addition, the online station expansion of the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA offer advantages in terms of system flexibility and plant availability. Benefit from the seamless integration in SIMATIC PCS 7. The SIMATIC ET 200SP HA with the Advanced Process Library offers flexible and simple online parameterization and selection of up to four HART variables on each channel of an I/O module. 
Maximum availability
Plant downtime considerably reduces the economic efficiency of process plants. Redundant, flexible components significantly increase the availability of the plant. Besides operating the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA station redundantly via the PROFINET interface, there is also the possibility of a redundant set up of the I/O modules. This is realized by using a terminal block for integrated I/O redundancy which results in both economy of space and cost efficiency. With the new design and its standardized terminal blocks, redundant and single wiring are related to the same wiring effort.  
Compact design 
The compact size with up to 56 peripheral modules per station and the high channel density of up to 32 channels on a 22.5 mm wide module reduces the space requirement in the control cabinet to a minimum.

Ready for the field

  • For installation in hazardous areas up to zone 2
  • Extended temperature range: -40 to +70°C
  • Enhanced interference immunity according to NAMUR recommendation NE21
  • Conformal coating of all components
  • Can be used up to an altitude of 4 000 meters

4. Engineering

Capacity limits
The following limit values apply to the IM155-6PN interface module:
  • I/(O modules: max. 56
  • Adress space: max. 1440 Byte
The SIMATIC ET 200SP HA will be on sale from June 2017. System requirements are SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0, S7-410 and PROFINET.

5. Documentation

The documentation for the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA is modular. It consists of several documents that guide you, contain reference information or show you functions independent of the product. The documents are available in English and German. About four weeks later the languages follow Chinese, Italian, French and Spanish.

Manual SIMATIC ET 200SP HAEntry ID
System manual (including carrier modules, terminal blocks and Accessories)
Product information
Interface modul
Digital input module DI 16x24VDC
Digital input module DI 32x24VDC
Digital input module DI 16xNAMUR
Digital input module DI 8x24...125VDC HA
Digital input module DI 8x230VAC
Digital output module DQ 16x24VDC/0.5A
Digital output module DQ 32x24VDC/0.5A
Digital output module RQ 4x120VDC-230VAC/5A CO HA
Analog input module AI 16xI 2-wire HART HA
Analog input module AI 16xTC/8xRTD 2-/3-/4-wire HA
Analog/Digital module AI-DI 16/DQ16x24VDC HART HA
Analogausgabemodul AQ 8xI HART HA
High-precision time stamping when using SIMATIC ET 200SP HA

6. Further information

Further information on the SIMATIC ET 200SP HA can be found at www.siemens.com/pcs7 or you can contact your SIMATIC partner directly at your local Siemens office. These pages can also be saved locally as an offline version.   

Security information
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