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Service Bridge – Setup and Configuration

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The Service Bridge is a specially configured switch that allows dedicated temporary access from the plant bus to the fieldbus, while ensuring the logical separation between the fieldbuses. In this entry, you will find the instructions for configuring a SCALANCE XC-200 switch as Service Bridge as well as the prepared configuration files.

For reasons of security and availability, the plant bus and field bus are set up separately from each other in typical process industry plants. This means that only a restricted access is possible to the field bus from the Engineering Station (ES) or Maintenance Station (MS) e. g. via data bus routing by the CPU. Functions such as the manual node designation of PROFINET devices (station name assignment) or topology scan with the topology editor are thus not available. Consequently, an access point is required which allows access from the ES to the field bus.

The Service Bridge is the solution to allow temporary access from the ES to the PROFINET field bus. The Service Bridge is a specially configured switch that allows dedicated temporary access from the plant bus to the field bus while at the same time ensuring logical separation between fieldbuses.
For security reasons, it is additionally recommended to use a firewall, e. g. in the form of a SCALANCE SC, between the plant bus and the Service Bridge.


  • Manual addressing and designation of PROFINET devices

  • Use of the scan and online features of the STEP 7 Topology Editor

  • Use of commissioning tools (e.g. PRONETA)

  • Extended network diagnostics (e.g. SINEMA server)

  • Access to the web server of PROFINET devices (configuring and diagnostics)

  • Installation of firmware updates

  • Access to as many as 23 separate PROFINET sub-networks with XC224

Procedure for configuring the Service Bridge
The Service Bridge is based on SCALANCE XC-200 series switches from FW V4.0.
The configuration is made as follows:

  1. Download the prepared configuration file and instructions

  2. Load the configuration file in the switch

  3. Adjust the configuration individually for each plant according to instructions

  Service Bridge – Setup and Configuration (3,0 MB)

Prepared configuration files
The following ZIP file includes the prepared configuration files for the switches: SCALANCE XC208, XC216 and XC224.

 Registrierung notwendig  Prepared configuration files (4,2 KB)
SHA-256 Hash Code: 403EC35FAA70C708812545CDABDDBDDF27495428B947BC0426D8F888D0790CB2
Information about checking the integrity of a file with the SHA-256 Hash Code can be found in the following entry: 109483101

Firmware update
The download of the firmware update (FW V4.0) for SCALANCE XC-200 is available in the following Entry: 109757688 

Note for the firmware update of an already configured Service Bridge
The firmware update is recommended for the switches and can be used to update an already configured Service Bridge.
Please note that you have to create a new back up of the configuration (Config Pack) afterwards for the event of a replacement.

Further information
You can find an overview of all of the relevant information for implementing PROFINET solutions in SIMATIC PCS 7 in the following entry: 72887082

Latest Changes

Revision of the firewall configuration using the example of a SCALANCE SC
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