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SIMOTION/SIMATIC Print Standard: Solutions for the Printing Industry

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Motion Control applications for printing and post printing machinery.
Printing presses are becoming increasingly flexible and modular. Many functions that used to be performed mechanically are now implemented with a separate drive. This leads to comprehensive multi-axis concepts with cross-control synchronous operation. In conjunction with ever shorter development and commissioning times, a standardized software solution for motion control with flexible modules for technology functions is becoming increasingly important. The Print Standard application with its Add-Ons provide these functionalities.


Print Standard Master

The Print Standard software package comprises motion control functions and concepts for printing and post press machines. The application is controlled via a standardized interface as well as a uniform operating mode management for all types of axes used in printing machines.

For a detailed comparison of the Print Standard solution for SIMOTION and SIMATIC controller see:
  Detailed comparison (449,4 KB) 


Equipment Module for SIMOTION Project Generator and SIMATIC Modular Application Creator 

Using the SIMOTION Project Generator or the SIMATIC Modular Application Creator, SCOUT resp. TIA Portal projects for printing and post press machines can be quickly generated - in a user-friendly fashion. All necessary parameters are configured wizard based. Thus a machine frame, comprising the standard applications Print Standard, Winder, Tension Control, Cylinder positioning and Register Control (TRC3000/TRC7000) including the technology is reliably and quickly generated.

Print Standard Add-On Drive Optimization 

The library LDrvOpt contains functions for drive optimization during runtime. The functions are developed and designed for format variable machines with continuous web. 

Print Standard Add-On Cylinder Positioning CI Flexo

The Standard Application Cylinder Postitioning was developed to offer a flexible positioning solution for flexo printing machines. It realizes the positioning of the format cylinder to the impression cylinder as well as anilox cylinder to the format cylinder.

The SIMATIC application can be simulated using PLCSIM Advanced, SIMIT and NX Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD).

Print Standard Add-On Register Control TRC3000/TRC7000

In modern printing presses each print unit is individually driven by servo motors. The synchronism is achieved by an electronic line shaft. For perfect printing results a high precise mark detection and exact correction of the register deviation between the print units is necessary.

The application offers an example for integration of the RGB print mark sensor TRC3000 and the print mark camera TRC7000 into a project based on Print Standard.
The application provides the software parts for communication via PROFINET IRT, parameterization of the sensor, evaluation of point-, wedge- and block marks, control of the axis for correction of length and side register deviations, as well as a visualization example for TIA Portal WinCC Advanced.

A brochue can be found here: 84083783 

 Coming soon!

Print Standard Add-On Winder

The Winder application is the technological basis for many converting and finishing processes. It provides comprehensive open-loop and closed-control functions for winder axes based on load cell, dancer roll or indirect tension control. Furthermore, it contains additional functions like diameter calculation, torque pre-control, web break detection and winding hardness characteristic.

This Add-On has its focus on the integration of the winder solution in the Print Standard. It explains the technological coupling to the Print Standard Master concept.

Print Standard Add-On Web Accumulator

A Web Accumulator is used to buffer the material web after an unwinder or before a rewinder to perform a roll change (Splice) without having to interrupt the process. This increases the productivity of the machine. For this purpose, the winder is stopped while the process is continued from the web storage system. After changing the coil, the winder is started again, and the web storage can be refilled (unwinder web accu) respectively emptied (rewinder web accu).


Print Standard Add-On TM41

The output of axis position and speed for use by process systems such as an external register control, a web-video or for coupling with external machine modules can also be realized via an electronic pulse encoder emulation instead of a physical external encoder.

The Print Standard Add-On TM41 shows how the SINAMICS TM41 module can be integrated into an existing Print Standard project and contains detailed parameterization instructions for various applications as well as the necessary software modules.


Print Standard Add-On Siagate

A Masterdrives system should be extended or coupled with an other PROFINET system. The leading values need to be exchanged between SIMOLINK and PROFINET IRT on the SIGATE device.

The Print Standard AddOn SIGATE shows the coupling and data exchange between SIMOTION and SIGATE. The example provides detailed information about the parametrization and the necessary software parts.


Print Standard Add-On Parameter Handling

Acyclic read and write of configuration-, drive- and user data in SIMOTION/SINAMICS from an external PLC.

The Print Standard AddOn Parameterhandling shows how configuration-, drive- or user data can be written from an external PLC by an parameter interface. The project contains a example configuration and the necessary software function blocks for integration in a SIMOTION project.


Print Standard Segment Offset 

The segment application for offset shows on an example project how to use the Print Standard for motion control of an offset printing press. The example project describes the project and setpoint structure and contains the typical technological requirements.

Offset printing presses are characterized by fixed formats and high modularity. This need to be considered for motion control within the project structure.

Print Standard Segment Gravure 

The motion control concept of gravure printing presses has to consider variable printing formats, a lot of different technology modules and long web ways between the print units.

The segment application for gravure shows on an example project how to use the Print Standard for motion control of an rotogravure printing press. The example project describes the project and setpoint structure and contains the typical technological requirements. 
SIMOTION 51345318 

Print Standard Segment Corrugated Printing 

Modern corrugated machines consist of different modules with complex technological demands. These are for example feeder (servo or mechanical), printing unit, rotary die cutter and slotter.


This segment application with base Print Standard has its focus on the specific technology of corrugated printing machines. 


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