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Hotfix 3 (HF3) for SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0 + SP1

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Software Hotfix 3 for SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0 + SP1 is now available for download. With this download, an existing installation of SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0 + SP1 can be updated to V8.0 + SP1 + HF3.

Software requirements for SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0 + SP1 + HF3

  • An already installed version of PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0 + SP1 is required for the installation of Hotfix 3: 90465779 
  • The library requires as a minimum SIMATIC PCS7 V8.0.
  • If PCS7 V8.2 is installed, it is recommended to use Basis Library V8.2 Update 3
  • The SIMOCODE ES Premium software is necessary to be able to integrate SIMOCODE pro as an S7 slave.
  • The currently released version of F Systems for PCS 7 is required for programming fail-safe functions using a PROFIsafe module for SIMOCODE pro V.    

New features and alterations as compared with previous versions

What is new as compared with V7.0 SP3?

SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0+SP1+HF3:

  • Installation support has been extended to the below approved version
    • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition (64-Bit)
    • Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB (64-Bit)
  • Since PCS 7 V8.2, Device failure was not reported for disconnected SIMOCODE pro devices as long as the PROFIBUS network was still available. Hence this displayed the incorrect “healthy” state of the device at WinCC and no maintenance alarms were reported. With this Hotfix, both individual SIMOCODE pro device failures as well as PROFIBUS network failures are now reported as the correct “Offline/Unhealthy” state at the respective SIMOCODE pro channel block(SMC_DIR, SMC_REV…).

  • For the scenario mentioned above, MOD_PAX0 and MOD_PAL0 no longer supports individual device failure reporting and hence has been replaced with MOD_SWT to provide the correct Diagnostic/Maintenance Station Alarms.

Note: If PCS7 V8.2 is installed, it is recommended to use Basis Library V8.2 Update 3

Steps to be done for updating existing PCS 7 projects

 Steps to be followed:

  1. Open the CFC.
  2. Import an instance of the following blocks
       - SMC_DIAG
    at the project (and delete the same again if not required) to trigger an update process of all the imported instances in the project
  3. Compile AS: With Changes only and with Generate Module drivers enabled (driver generation will replace the MOD_PAX0/MOD_PAL0 with MOD_SWT)Download AS program: With Changes only
  4. Download AS program: With Changes only
  5. AS stop necessary: No
  6. Compile OS: Yes (to create the diagnostics alarms from MOD_SWT)

List of changed blocks



Block version

Interface change
(= AS stop necessary)

Code change

Block Update required







Hint: The generation of module driver for basic integration of Simocode pro (APL channel driver block FbSwtMMS will be used) will not work after the installation of “SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V8 Migration”.  Users wanting to have module driver generation for basic integration have to uninstall “SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V8 Migration”.

For detailed information on installation and use, please refer the Readme.rtf file as follows:

 Registrierung notwendig  Readme.rtf (191,6 KB)

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Special information for resellers

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