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SIDOOR AT40 RELAY and SIDOOR AT40 CAN Firmware V1.44

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FW update: V1.43 to V1.44

Scope and purpose:

This document provides an overview of the new functions and the release status of the firmware for the products SIDOOR AT40 RELAY and SIDOOR AT40 CAN with product version AT40 V1.44.
The firmware contains new functions that support the application of the standard DIN EN 81-20 and additional functions when using the CANopen interface.

New functionality:

1. Easier parameter assignment of the controller for glass and folding doors.

- The Service menu provided an easy way to set the maximum opening limit force to 150 N, taking into consideration the counterweight of the floor doors.

- The number of opening attempts after an obstacle has been detected can be set. (The door comes to a stop after an obstruction when the value is set to "0").

2. Option for force-controlled relaxation of a spring in the door closing mechanism.

3. Increase in the closing limit force during learn run to 150 N without taking into consideration the counterweights or door springs in the floor door.
The force limitation during the learn run can now be set for both directions in the Service menu.

4. Extended functionality of the X12 reversing relay. The relay can be activated when an obstruction is detected in the closing direction during nudging.

5. Light barrier with signaling contact. Using the Service menu, the digital input X5 can be configured as input for the light barrier signaling contact.
When the light barrier is interrupted, the velocity in the closing direction is limited to a maximum of 4 joules in this case.
The status of the signaling contact can be read out over the CANopen interface.

6. Emergency release.
Function to support manual opening with a force of less than 300 N.
A release time can be set with the Service menu. If the door is pulled out by more than 5 mm from the closed position with a pending closing command, the motor is de-energized according to the set release time. The idle torque in the closed position must be set so that the door can be pulled open manually by more than 5 mm.

7. Evaluation of the digital input signals of the door controller (X5 and X6 connectors) over CANopen interface.

8. The firmware allows for a reduction of the opening and closing limit forces for each floor over the CANopen interface.
This option provides settings that are optimized for noise, for example, in quiet zones or at night.


Detailed descriptions of the new functions and of the CAN objects supported in SIDOOR are provided in the product-specific documentation at the following link:

The firmware update can only be performed with the SIDOOR AT40 RELAY (6FB1111-0AT10-3AT2) and SIDOOR AT40 CAN (6FB1111-1AT10-3AT3) door controllers.
The SIDOOR SOFTWARE KIT (6FB1105-0AT01-6SW0) is required for the download.

Registrierung notwendig AT40_CAN.eds.zip (5.1 KB)

 Registrierung notwendig  FW_AT40_V01.44.938.sx.zip (180,2 KB)

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