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What should you watch out for when installing SIMATIC Information Server 2014 SP2 when WinCC is already installed?

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To install the Information Server 2014 SP2 on computers with a version of WinCC already installed you need to change the existing SQL Server instance. These instructions and the "SSRS Updater.exe" tool available here will help you.

For error-free installation of the SIMATIC Information Server 2014 SP2 up to and including Update 3, you should run the "SSRS Updater.exe" tool available in this FAQ response on the WinCC computer.


The "SSRSUpdater.exe" tool is not needed if WinCC V7 or WinCC Professional and SIMATIC Information Server SP2 are already installed together.

A version of WinCC is installed on the target computer. Information about versions and compatibility is available in the Compatibility Tool:

Proceed as follows between installing/upgrading WinCC and installing the SIMATIC Information Server 2014 SP2:

  1. Open the "SSRS Updater.exe" tool.
  2. Select the folder or drive for the current WinCC/WinCC Runtime Professional setup files.

    Fig. 1

    Select the "InstData" folder if you are using a network drive.

  3. Click "Start" to confirm the update of the SSRS via the selected path.
    If you get a message informing you that the update has failed, check that the correct path has been entered in Point 2 of the instructions.

Then start the installation of the SIMATIC Information Server 2014 SP2. Furthermore you have to install the Update 3 of SIMATIC Information Server 2014 SP2.

Run the tool prior to installing the Information Server 2014 SP2. If you do not do this, installation of the Information Server aborts at the SQL Installation.

Registration required SSRSUpdater (34.6 KB)

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