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In Windows 10, how do you correctly display Information Server reports in Asian languages?

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In order to correctly display Asian texts in Windows 10 you must upload the following modified report templates (RDLs) of the Asian languages into the Information Server.

The procedure for uploading report templates is described in each corresponding version of the Information Server manual.

Report templates for messages/templates of the message reports:

  • Alg_Table_commented.rdl
  • Alg_Table_by_Timestamp.rdl
  • Alg_Table_by_Priority.rdl
  • Alg_Table_by_MessageClass.rdl

Report templates for tags/templates of the tag reports:
  • Tlg_Matrix_Aggregation.rdl
  • Tlg_Matrix_Begin_Ende_ValueIds.rdl
  • Tlg_Table_Aggregation.rdl
  • Tlg_Table_Begin_Ende_ValueIds.rdl
  • Tlg_Table_Configuration.rdl
  • Tlg_Table_Configuration2.rdl

Correct display of the reports

  1. Save the Zip file with the report templates in a folder of your choice on the computer.

  2. Unpack the Zip file.
    The Zip file includes the “Chinese”, “Japanese” and “Korean” folders which contain the ten above-mentioned report templates modified for each language.

  3. Open the Information Server web application.

  4. Go to “Administration > Configuration > Reporting”.

  5. Click “Template”.

  6. Select the destination for the new templates.
    Create two new folders for the templates; one folder for the message reports and one for the tag reports. For example:

    • “Templates/Public/Messages/New”

    • “Templates/Public/Tags/New”

  7. Select the previously created folder for the new templates of the message reports. Upload the templates from the corresponding language folder.

  8. Select the previously created folder for the new templates of the tag reports.

Registration required Information Server Templates for Asian Languages (158.1 KB)

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