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How do you update the SQL Server with SIMATIC Process Historian/ Information Server?

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This FAQ response provides instructions for choosing the version of the SQL Server depending on the Windows version and installed SIMATIC software.

Choosing the right version

Depending on the operating system used and the SIMATIC products installed you should install the 32-bit or 64-bit version.

SQL Server 2014 SP2 is fully compatible with older SQL versions. This enables successive installation of all computers. Redundant PCS 7 systems can be upgrade with the plant still running.

32-bit version of Windows
If WinCC, Information Server (IS), BATCH or the SIMATIC Management Console (SMMC) is installed, you have to install the x86 version of the SQL Server.

64-bit version of Windows
If WinCC is installed, you have to install the x86 version of the SQL Server.

If PH, IS, BATCH or SMMC is installed, you have to install the x64 version of the SQL Server.

If WinCC and one of the other products are installed, you have to install both versions of the SQL Server.

Windows versionWinCCProcess HistorianInformation Server
32-bitSQL x86Not releasedSQL x86
64-bitSQL x86SQL x64SQL x64

Download of the Setup

    1. Open the Download page of the Microsoft Download Center:
    2. In the language selection drop-down list box you choose the language required and then click the "Download" button.
    3. Choose the required Windows version and click the "Next" button.

      Fig. 01

      Windows versions
    • Windows 32 Bit = …-x86-…exe
    • Windows 64 Bit = …-x64-…exe

    See also

    Installation procedure for the SQL Server
    Proceed as follows to install the SQL Server:

    1. Start the downloaded Setup of the SQL Server.
    2. Read and accept the license terms.

      Fig. 02

    3. Click the "Next >" button.
      The Installation dialog opens and the SQL Server is installed automatically.

      Fig. 03

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