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Digitalization with TIA Portal: Integration of planning data from TIA Selection Tool to TIA Portal

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TIA Selection Tool (TST) offers the possibility to export planning data (device configuration, network configuration) as “AutomationML” files. These AML files can be imported into projects by TIA Portal.

The project planning data (device configuration, network configuration, PLC variables) of machines and systems are required by various tools. The open standard "Automation Markup Language" (AutomationML) has been developed so that project planning does not have to be recreated in each individual tool. AutomationML is an XML-based data format (AML file) for storing and exchanging project planning data.

To create an order list for the required components, the automation hardware is configured with the TIA Selection Tool (TST). TST enables direct ordering at the Siemens Industry Mall. The configuration data generated in TST is exported to an AML file and imported into TIA Portal. The device configuration, the network configuration and the topology are adopted.

The following figure shows the workflow described in this application example.

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