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Digitalization with TIA Portal Integration of planning data from EPLAN Electric P8 into TIA Portal

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EPLAN Electric P8 offers the possibility to export configurations (hardware configuration, network configuration, PLC tags) as “AutomationML” files. These AML files can be imported into projects by TIA Portal.

To commission automation devices, you need to configure and program them in TIA Portal. To do this, you need to repeat the configurations that you have already performed in EPLAN Electric P8.

With the release of TIA Portal V14 SP1, it is possible to import the AML files created by EPLAN Electric P8 into TIA Portal projects. Thus, it is no longer necessary to perform the hardware configuration twice in both programs. This replacement allows data consistency throughout the entire engineering process..

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  1. EPLAN Electric P8 can export AML files in the correct format for TIA Portal.

  2. TIA Portal up to V14 SP1 or higher can import AML files.
  • Requirement: TIA Portal Openness as of V14 SP1
  • The import function in TIA Portal is performed by TIA Openness.
  • TIA Portal Openness is a free part of every TIA Portal product (e.g. STEP 7). The installation needs to be done separately.

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