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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109748296, Entry date: 06/27/2017

PN connection box for Mobile Panel

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PN Basic connection box and PN Plus connection box for Mobile Panel

Connection of a SINUMERIK HT2 or SINUMERIK HT8 to a Mobile Panel

PN Basic connection box for Mobile Panel, article number: 6AV6671-5AE01-0AX0
PN Plus connection box for Mobile Panel, article number: 6AV6671-5AE11-0AX0

On Oct. 1, 2016, the Mobile Panels 177, 277 reached the product phase-out phase, together with the relevant PN Basic and PN Plus connection boxes. The connection boxes will still be available as new parts as usual. As stipulated in the phase-out declaration, the spare parts and repair service is scheduled to continue during the next 10 years, see 109736199.

There is no successor for the connection boxes for SINUMERIK HT2 and SINUMERIK HT8.

The existing connection boxes will continue to be delivered as long as SINUMERIK HT2 and SINUMERIK HT8 are sold in the new parts and spare parts business. The purchasing conditions remain unchanged.

The SIMATIC connection boxes which have been released for SINUMERIK HT2 and SINUMERIK HT8 and which are listed in the Catalog NC 62 are functional.

SINUMERIK HT2 and SINUMERIK HT8 will not be adjusted regarding the new SIMATIC connection boxes. These boxes have not been released with SINUMERIK HT2 and SINUMERIK HT8.

New SIMATIC connection box for KTP mobile devices

6AV2125-2AE03-0AX0 SIMATIC HMI Connection Box, Compact
6AV2125-2AE13-0AX0 SIMATIC HMI Connection Box, Standard
6AV2125-2AE23-0AX0 SIMATIC HMI Connection Box, Advanced

On account of the modified timing of the interface, these new SIMATIC connection boxes do not function with SINUMERIK HT2 and SINUMERIK HT8. The devices are not started up at the new boxes.

This status will remain until the discontinuation of SINUMERIK HT2 and SINUMERIK HT8, see 109477691.

Suggested migration from Mobile Panel x77 to KTPx00(F) Mobile

DesignationArticle numberDesignationArticle number
PN Connection Box6AV6671-5AE01-0AX0Connection Box, Standard6AV2125-2AE13-0AX0
6AV6671-5AE11-0AX0Connection Box, Advanced6AV2125-2AE23-0AX0

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