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The Update 4 is available for SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1.

What's New?
SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 Update 4 includes the following extensions and corrections:

  • When using projects from previous versions, errors could occur during compiling under certain conditions because the migration of the data to version V8.2 was partially incomplete. This was corrected with Update 4 with an implicit migration.
  • SFC calculations are now always correctly performed independent of sequence of configuration tasks.
  • The consistency between the display in the technological editor and the available configuration in the CF chart is now ensured for optional blocks.
  • Access to the data of the central ES was not possible in certain situations with multiuser engineering. This has been corrected.
  • When cross-AS interconnections are used, error messages can occur during compiling in rare cases. This has been corrected.
  • The message classes are now fully taken into account during synchronization.
  • When copying across programs, the blocks are always installed in the OB with the same number as in the source program.
  • When implicitly copying charts across projects by copying PH folders, no invalid interconnections are now created.
  • In the chart reference data, programming errors could occur under certain circumstances when opening the "Cross-References SFC -> Chart Element" tab. This problem has been resolved.
  • When eliminating dead times, the fail-safe sections of the program are no longer included.
  • Value changes to the technological editor of the CFC were not applied under certain circumstances. This has been corrected.
  • During the delta download after the update of SFC types, area length errors could occur in the AS based on the function of the changes. This has been corrected.
Readme file
Before installing refer to the notes and compatibility information in the Readme file 109748315
Installation file
The following ZIP file includes the installation files for SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 Upd4.
 Registrierung notwendig  SIMATIC CFC V8.2 SP1 Upd4 (EU, CHS) (63,6 MB)

SHA-256 Hash Code: D947B06F4DAFD1C8A3C9827B68755391B0D2C4E67FABD81BF58C20630E629424
To keep your plant permanently up to date, refer to the information in the Compatibility Tool: www.siemens.com/kompatool.
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