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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109748407, Entry date: 06/23/2017

Sales and Delivery Release for SIMATIC WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V7.4 SP1

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SIMATIC WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V 7.4 SP1 - Production analysis and optimization on the basis of individual key performance indicators

SIMATIC WinCC/PerformanceMonitor enables a flexible calculation and powerful analysis of plant-specific key performance indicators (KPIs). These figures are the basis to develop optimization potentials to increase the productivity.

SIMATIC WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V7.4 SP1 is available now.

SIMATIC WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V7.4 SP1 replaces as autonomous product and full version its predecessor SIMATIC WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V7.4. The sales of the product SIMATIC WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V7.4 ends with the availability of SIMATIC WinCC/Performance Monitor V7.4 SP1.

1. Overview about the new functions of version 7.4 SP1

  • Support  Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Support of Microsoft operating systems according to SIMATIC WinCC V7.4 SP1. The software and hardware requirements of SIMATIC WinCC V7.4 SP1 apply to SIMATIC WinCC / PerformanceMonitor V7.4 SP1 (see Sales and Delivery Release SIMATIC WinCC V7.4 SP1 Entry ID: 109745983 )

  • Support SIMATIC Process Historian 2014 SP2 Update 3

You can find additional information on compatibility in the Compatibility Tool.

  • Support SIMATIC Information Server 2014 SP2 Update 3
    You can find additional information on compatibility in the Compatibility Tool.

Information about the functions of version 7.4 can be found in the sales and delivery release SIMATIC WinCC / PerformanceMonitor V7.4 (ID 109738589)

2. Upgrade and compatibility

Please note that SIMATIC WinCC V7.4 SP1 is required as the basis for SIMATIC WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V7.4 SP1.

Customers, who already use SIMATIC WinCC/Performance Monitor V7.4, require for the upgrade to SIMATIC WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V7.4 SP1 either

  •  via the free download (see ID 109748410 ) or
  • via ordering the product CD SIMATIC WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V7.4 SP1. (order no.: S79220-B8099-P )

3. Delivery scope and ordering data

Ordering data

Order number  (Package)

Order number (Online Software Delivery)

WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V7.4 SP1  Basic Package incl. 30 PerformanceMonitor Archives



30 PerformanceMonitor ArchiveTags (additive)



100 PerformanceMonitor ArchiveTags (additive)



 300 PerformanceMonitor ArchiveTags (additive)



1000 PerformanceMonitor archive ArchiveTags (additive)



WinCC PerformanceMonitor Upgrade
Upgrade WinCC PerformanceMonitor V7.x auf WinCC PerformanceMonitor 7.4 SP1




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