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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109748756, Entry date: 07/05/2017

Product phase-out Flat Panel 10.4" in 4:3 format

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The flat panel monitor with 10.4" display diagonal in 4:3 format was declared a phase-out product as of July 5, 2016. Discontinuation is scheduled for July 1, 2018.

Due to slowing demand and components which are no longer available, the phase-out phase begins for the 10.4" flat panel monitor in 4:3 format.
Discontinuation will take place when the stocked-up material has been consumed. This is scheduled for July 1, 2018. In line with demand, this date may be moved forward or backward by a few weeks.

There will not be a direct successor product.

In the short term, the 12" device from the range of WIDE format devices (IFP1200, MLFB: 6AV74661TA000AA0) is suitable as functionally compatible device.

The migration to the alternative solution entails significant software and design expenditure. The successor devices have other installation dimensions and a different resolution.

This phase-out declaration initiates the 5-year repair or spare parts obligation. This means all devices can still be repaired until at least July 1, 2023 or will be provided as spare parts.

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