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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109748903, Entry date: 03/14/2019

Online Software Delivery - What’s new?

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You are provided a summary of the new features and functions for the Online Software Delivery platform. We are also including a more detailed description for select OSD features.

Release V5.1.2:

  • Provision of delivery notes as PDF files
    In future, you can download the delivery/packing note as a PDF document for your download deliveries.
    You can then forward the notes to your purchasing department as proof of deployment (e.g. for goods receipt posting).
    The document can be found in OSD for each delivery note under the "Delivery note download (PDF)" link.


  • Revision of file display in software details/information about formats
    In the download window, you can get information/details about the available file formats via the  symbol.


  • New Service pages in the OSD Help menu
    In future, the "FAQ" menu in the OSD Help will take you directly to the OSD topic page 109759444 in the Industry Online Support Portal.
    There you will find all the useful information about OSD at a glance:
    • Tutorials and videos
    • Downloads
    • FAQs
    • Forum

  • License transfer improvement (information window)
    When transferring licenses in the ALM (Automation License Manager), we now also provide handling support in an additional information window.

  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

Release V5.1.0:

  • Product download: Delivery note remarks
    The delivery note now includes additional information when no certificates, license keys or software is included.
    Click on the Info icon for information about possible reasons.  



  • Overview of software versions (BT)
    Updated or additional material is highlighted in the software download.
  • Worklist: Excel export of processes
    You can now export all of your processes to Excel for further handling.
    Call up "Data export to Excel" via the filter menu.
    All processes, together with the relevant data, are exported. Any activated filter settings are carried over with the export.



  • Various small improvements and bug fixes

Release V5.0.4:

  • New platform language “Russian“
    OSD is now also available in Russian.
    Software products will soon be available for download in Ukraine - preparations are in full swing.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

Release V5.0.3:

  • Extended validity of the temporary password
    The initial password for the delivery note login is now valid for 28 days.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

Release V5.0.2:

  • Extended search option by email:
    The customer filter in the product download has been extended so that a search can now also be conducted for the email address of the customer and product recipient.

  • Implementation of legal requirements - Objection to use of data and Delete account
    The OSD user menu has been extended by the "Objection to use of data" and "Delete account" functions to meet the legal requirements.



Release V5.0.1:

  • Using AKAMAI Netstorage:
    OSD now stores all software components, which are permitted according to export law, in AKAMAI Netstorage. These software components can then be downloaded with a significantly higher download speed.


Release V4.2:

  • Customer-specific fields in the license overview:

In the future, you will have a total of 4 freely editable fields with different numbers of characters in the license overview.
You can use them to manage and structure your license pool according to your own wishes, as well as enter additional information.

To use the new fields, simply add them to your personal view by selecting "Manage View".
You will find the new fields in the available columns under the names "Customer-specific 1 - 3" as well as "Customer license key".
To edit the fields, also show the "Actions" field.

The fields then appear in your view:

or in an enlarged form:

You can use the   icon under "Actions" to open the editing form.
Now you can fill out the customer-specific field for each license as you wish.

With the new "Customer-specific" search area, you can browse and filter the license pool according to your personal criteria.

Activated the customer-specific fields are also included in the Excel export.

  • Optimization of the partially qualified search according to SUS contract numbers


Release V4.1:

  • Release notes: The new functions are automatically shown the first time you log on after a release. The Release Note history can be opened via the Help menu.
  • Delivery note login: Updating the disclaimer for export laws due to  new guidelines affecting the export laws.
  • New menu design: View settings, filter manager and Excel export are now combined in a new menu in the upper right area of the page. In addition, the selected view / set filter is shown above each table.


  • Filter manager: A new  filter manager was implemented on the OSD pages. Filters you have created can now be saved and managed.
    Any set filter values can be saved under a filter name, defined as default (marked with *) and edited.
  • Product download: The selection/deselection of required documents has been optimized in the software download button.
  • SUS Manager: New change option "Cancelled with immediate delivery stop".
    When you select this cancellation version, you no longer receive any additional SUS deliveries as of the cancellation date.
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