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Why, in STEP 7 (TIA Portal), are no or only a few blocks displayed in the Task Card of the Motion Control instructions?

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The Motion Control V3.0 instructions are supported in the S7-1500 CPUs only from firmware version V2.0 onwards.

If the folders "Measuring input, output cam, cam track" and "Cam" in the palette "Instructions > Technology > Motion Control" do not include any instructions and the "Synchronous motion" folder only includes the "MC_GearIn" instruction, this is most likely due to the firmware of your CPU S7-1500 firmware configured in the TIA Portal.

In order to use the instructions from the above-mentioned folders you should check the firmware of the configured CPU S7-1500. You need the firmware V2.0 (or higher) and STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V14 or higher to be able to use the Motion Control V3.0 instructions.

Replace the CPU in the device configuration with a CPU with the firmware V2.0 (or higher).

You then also have to upgrade the CPU S7-1500 in your hardware configuration to the same firmware, or replace the CPU if it can no longer be upgraded with firmware V2.x.

You should also check the version of the Motion Control instructions (Fig. 1). On the right of the "Instructions > Technology > Motion Control" palette you select version V3.0 from the drop-down list box.

Fig. 1

The Motion Control V3.0 instructions are displayed automatically when you select the firmware V2.x for the CPU S7-1500 and the Motion Control library V3.0. The technology CPU (CPU 15xxT) is supplied with the firmware V2.0 or higher.

If you have configured a technology CPU (CPU 15xxT) and have selected the Motion Control library V3.0, the following instructions are also available:

  • "MC_SetSensor"
  • "MC_GearInPos"
  • "MC_PhasingAbsolute"
  • "MC_PhasingRelative"
  • "MC_CamIn"
  • "MC_InterpolateCam"
  • "MC_GetCamFollowingValue"
  • "MC_GetCamLeadingValue"
  • "MC_SynchronizedMotionSimulation

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