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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109749167, Entry date: 07/24/2017

Delivery Release: SIMATIC Logon V1.6

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SIMATIC Logon V1.6 has now been released for delivery.

1. Product description

1.1 Classification / field of application

SIMATIC Logon V1.6 can work with applications with preexisting or definable user roles and function rights.
Application examples for SIMATIC Logon in the SIMATIC environment include:

  • SIMATIC WinCC flexible from version 2007 in conjunction with Logon Remote Access (see ordering data)
  • SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal engineered)
  • STEP 7

If SIMATIC Logon is not integrated on the system side, the number of required SIMATIC Logon licenses is determined by the number of clients/single stations that access applications for which SIMATIC Logon is used for access protection.

1.2 Product features / scope

Changes/added features in SIMATIC Logon V1.6:

  • Two-factor authentication (chip card with PIN) 
  • Corrections
SIMATIC Logon supports the following login devices to identify the operating personnel:
  • Keyboard
  • Chip card reader – USB (item no. 6ES7652-0XX02-1XC0) or serial (item no. 6ES7 652-0XX11-1XC0)
  • Card readers with a USB interface, equipped with a PC/SC compatible device driver for Microsoft Windows by the device manufacturer

The SIMATIC Logon functionality "Logon via chip card reader" is not used by SIMATIC WinCC flexible and SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal engineered).

1.3 Information and documentation

Before launching the installation, read the notes and compatibility statements in the Readme file 109744311.
The manual for SIMATIC Logon V1.6 can be found under the entry ID 109748663.

Industry Mall
For current information and ordering data on SIMATIC Logon V1.6, please visit the Industry Mall.

2. Ordering information

ProductOrder Number
SIMATIC Logon V1.66ES7658-7BX61-0YA0
SIMATIC Logon V1.6 Upgrade6ES7658-7BX61-0YE0
The licenses for the previous versions of SIMATIC Logon are no longer valid for SIMATIC Logon V1.6.
PCS 7 V9.0 includes the SIMATIC Logon V1.6 version.
The version of SIMATIC Logon supplied with older PCS 7 versions can only be upgraded with a full license.
Also required if using it with Panels:
ProductOrder Number
Logon Remote Access (3 Clients)6ES7658-7BA00-2YB0
Logon Remote Access (10 Clients)6ES7658-7BB00-2YB0

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