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Update 1 for SIMATIC PCS 7/OPEN OS V8.0 SP1 is available.

What's new?
SIMATIC PCS 7/OPEN OS V8.0 SP1 Update 1 includes the following extensions and corrections:

  • Correct issues connecting to some OPC Alarm & Event Servers.

  • Correct possible interaction with Lifebeat Monitoring that caused WinCC to freeze under some circumstances.

  • Under rare circumstances, after a connection is lost with an OPC Alarm & Event server, a continuous cycle of re-connect/disconnect can occur, which could result in the loss of alarms.   This has been corrected.

  • Under some circumstances, the Instance Address column is not included in the export of CSV instances and cannot be properly imported when changed in the CSV file. This has been corrected.

  • In very large projects, during startup of the PCS 7 OS, the component WCCREF.EXE may crash.   This has been corrected.

  • Under very rare circumstances, when a "Gone" alarm is being acknowleded very close to the time it "Comes" again, the "Come" alarm won't be reported. This has been corrected.

Installation and Readme files
The following ZIP file includes the installation and Readme file.
Prior to installation refer to the notes and compatibility information in the Readme file.
 Download unterliegt Exportcontrolle SIMATIC PCS 7/OPEN OS V8.0 SP1 Upd1 (1,5 MB)   
To keep your plant permanently up to date, refer to the information in the Compatibility Tool: www.siemens.de/kompatool


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