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MindConnect edge analytics based on X-Tools – Overview

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Collect and analyze your data direct on plant level

Edge analytics has gained attention as the IoT model of connected devices has become more prevalent. Generally speaking, streaming data from manufacturing machines, industrial equipment, and other devices connected to the IoT creates a massive amount of data, which can be difficult -- and expensive -- to manage. By running the data through an analytics algorithm as it's created, at the edge of a local network, we can set parameters on what information is worth sending to a cloud and what isn't.

CMS X-Tools is a Siemens condition monitoring system (CMS). The integration of CMS X-Tools can enrich the MindSphere ecosystem with edge computing / analyzing functionalities. It enables easy engineering for data analytics workflows and supports a wide range of assets for data acquisition, providing dynamic data intelligence in all industries. Additionally, it offers many opportunities to collect field signals to a CMS device in the production area. These data can be read cyclic in a frequency up to 192 kHz. These data can be analyzed, compressed and stored in this system. Afterwards the preprocessed data can be sent into MindSphere.

Thanks to asset monitoring and data visualization it enables early detection of damage or not normal machinery behavior to optimize production efficiency and lower maintenance effort thanks to optimized planned maintenance outages, predictive maintenance and root-cause analysis.

Your benefits at a glance

One CMS software for analysis, diagnostic, visualization and archiving in dynamic processes in all industries.

Economics in machine data collection

  • Handling of different data types and formats: Support of a wide range of assets for data acquisition: SIMATIC S7-300, 400, 1200 and 1500, SIMOTION, SIPLUS CMS, OPC UA Servers and Clients, 3rd party sensors and standard network protocols
  • Recording of high dynamic signals (sampling rate up to 192 kHz)
  • Flight recorder functions for high dynamic signals like vibration incl. long term data storage and interpretation (up to several thousand signals)

Real time operational intelligence and process optimization

  • Data  monitoring and analysis to identify roller bearings damages, imbalance, alignment faults, component resonance, etc. at constant and variable speeds
  • Project configurator, help for non-experts to interpret data, democratizing complex analysis
  • Graphical interconnection of analysis functions – calculate KPIs, customized specific measurement and diagnosis models
  • Enable CMS X-Tools users to create customized analytics out of a library with predefined analytics modules like FFT, enveloping, entry filter, aso


Current version of CMS X-Tools

V 5.0 109759568 (04.07.2018)

Latest update of CMS X-Tools

V 5.0 Update 09 109761224 (07.07.2020)

Current version of CMS X-Tools Analysis Library

V 5.0 Update 09  109762251 (07.07.2020)

Update packages for older X-Tools Versions

V 04.03 Update 10 109483235 (12.07.2018)

V 04.04 SP1 Update 11 109752623 (11.12.2019)

FAQ support pages

Sending data from X-Tools to a SIMATIC S7400

Configuration of CMS X-Tools to connect with OPC servers and clients

Windows firewall settings for CMS X-Tools Pro

Configuration of CMS X-Tools ION SIMATIC S7 PN

Configuration of CMS2000 data streaming to X-Tools

Configuration of SM1281 data streaming to X-Tools

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