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How do you save time when creating the library file for the Plant Automation Accelerator (PAA) Excel import?

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This entry includes a description of the export of signals and parameters in the Plant Automation Accelerator (PAA) and the generation of a library file with the Excel generator.

Function of the Excel generator
The PAA provides a standard query to list all the existing signals of the Control Module Types (CMTs).
The user has to enter this signal data manually into an Excel table. Here, a special structuring of the Excel table is required.

Through the two queries of this FAQ response you can choose to export all the signals or all the parameters and signals. The export is converted automatically into the required structure by the Excel generator.


  • Time saving through automatic generation

  • Minimization of error sources

  • Parameters can be included in the automatic generation

  • Prepared query with optimized sorting

Until PAA V2.1. From PAA V3.0 you will find the instructions in the entry: 109761468

  LibGenerator PAA Instructions (1,6 MB)

Excel Generator
Registration required LibGeneratorV5 (349.0 KB)

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