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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109749362, Entry date: 08/11/2017

SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional 2017 sales and delivery release

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The STEP 7 Professional Version 2017 software package has been released for delivery.

The following topics have been updated:

Operating systems

  • As of STEP 7 Professional 2017, the operating systems MS Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, MS Windows Server 2012 as well as MS Windows Server 2016 are supported. For more detailed information on this, refer to the attached “LiesMich.rtf" (Readme) file. Or click on the link below for the compatibility list.

Hardware configuration and diagnostics

  • As of STEP 7 Professional 2017, the assistant for loading H-stations now offers an option for time optimization.


  • As of STEP 7 Professional 2017, bookmarks can be used in the AWL Editor.

System diagnostics

  • For STEP 7 Professional 2017, the "Process objects" tab of the module state has been renamed "SEC" (System Expansion Card) and additional properties are shown for the license status.


  • As of STEP 7 Professional 2017, the number of selected objects is shown in the status bar.

Checking block consistency

  • As of STEP 7 Professional 2017, you can perform an extended consistency check for projects with symbolic addressing. You can find detailed information in the help for block consistency under the heading "Extended consistency check."


  • To ensure high safety standards, our software is given a digital signature, among other things. This signature is checked by the operating system to detect any possible modifications made to the software from outside sources.

    If you are unable to install the product or an individual HSP, this may mean that the certificate stored in the operating system must be renewed. You can find more information on this topic in the following FAQ:

  • It is no longer possible to install S7-PDIAG V5.3 when using STEP 7 Professional 2017.

  • Please note that this involves a new version of STEP 7. It is not possible to operate this product with earlier STEP 7 licenses. This also applies to the STEP 7 Professional V14/2010 combo-licenses used to date. New upgrade packages and Powerpacks are provided with the approval of STEP 7 Professional 2017. Refer to the next section, “Order data”.

Ordering data

The products with article numbers (order numbers) are listed in the attached file.

  STEP_7_Professional_2017_Orderlist.xls (34,5 KB)

SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V14 SP1 Upgrade

(6ES7822-1AE04-0YE5 and 6ES7822-1AA04-0YE5):

For those already using a previous STEP 7 version, a chargeable upgrade is offered. You need a valid license to install the update package.

  • If you have a TIA license V11.. V13 then upgrade with this package to the V14.
  • If you have a STEP 7 Professional Combo license V11..V14/2010 upgrade with this package to the V14/2017 Combo.
  • If you have an earlier STEP 7 Professional Combo license 2006 / 2010 upgrade with this package to the V14/2017 Combo.

SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional V14 SP1 Powerpack

(6ES7822-1AE04-0XC5 | 6ES7822-1AA04-0XC5)

For customers already using STEP 7V5.4..V5.6 and who wish to upgrade to STEP 7 Professional V14/2017, a Powerpack (conversion package) is available. A valid STEP 7 license is required to install the Powerpack.

SIMATIC 50h Engineering V14 SP1 / 2017 Combo download:

For occasional users of STEP 7, we offer this license type with an operating duration of 50 hours. The timer begins to run when STEP 7 is launched and halts when STEP 7 is closed.
Switching to sleep/standby mode on the computer, if STEP 7 software has been launched, is not considered as closing STEP 7.

STEP 7 Professional 2017 Trial License:

For users who wish to get to grips with STEP 7, we offer a trial license. This runs for 21 days from when STEP 7 is first launched. During these 21 days, the software has full functionality.

Trial software download

Via this article, you can download the trial versions of STEP 7 Professional 2017 and test it out 109749428.


  ReadMe.rtf (215,3 KB)

  STEP_7_-_Compatibility_list.pdf (433,9 KB)

Security information
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