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Basic Process Library for WinCC V7 and Basic Process Library for TIA Portal (S7-1200/S7-1500/Runtime Professional) with Example Project

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Library with 21 SCL blocks for the control level and faceplates for visualization.

Plant manufacturers and system integrators are increasingly challenged to create ever more powerful automation solutions in order to achieve economic management at ever lower costs.
At the same time, end customers demand improved process stability and plant availability without increasing the engineering effort.

The answer is: Standardization
The TIA Portal provides a very powerful and tried and tested system platform that is upgraded further with the Basic Process Library.

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The Basic Process Library is a tested and design-oriented block library for the TIA Portal. With this library you can very efficiently find solutions for many automation tasks and clearly reduce the engineering effort and thus the configuration costs as well as project runtime.

The library includes technological blocks consisting of:

  • Function blocks on the basis of Structured Control Language (SCL) for the control level

  • Faceplates and block icons for the visualization level, scripting with Visual Basic (VB scripting)

The following technological blocks are included:

  • Motor with a rotation direction (LibDCP_Mtr)

  • Motor with two rotation directions and two speeds (LibDCP_MtrDS)

  • Motor with speed control (LibDCP_MtrF)

  • Valve with position open/closed (LibDCP_Vlv)

  • Control valve (LibDCP_VlvA)

  • Analog signal (LibDCP_AnaRead)

  • Average made up of 3 analog signals (LibDCP_AnaAvg)

  • PID control (LibDCP_CtrlPID)

  • 3 step control (LibDCP_CtrlStp)

  • Message block (LibDCP_Msg8)

  • Aggregate wiring for up to 8 aggregates (LibDCP_Aggr8)

Documentation and example project

STEP 7 V13 SP2 project with control blocks and WinCC V7.3 project with faceplates
Registration required 109749508_BasicProcessLibrary_TIA_Portal_STEP_7_V13_SP2.zip (6.4 MB)
Registration required 109749508_BasicProcessLibrary_WinCC_V73_ForUseWith_S7TIAPV13SP2.zip (39.6 MB)

Example project WinCC V7.4 SP1 faceplates and STEP 7 V14 SP1 control blocks
(STEP 7 V14 SP1 control blocks are stored in the "S7_1513_program" folder of the WinCC project.)
Registration required 109749508_BasicProcessLibrary_WinCC_V74SP1_S7TIAPV14SP1.zip (73.5 MB)

Example project WinCC Runtime Professional V14 SP1 and STEP 7 V14 SP1
Registration required 109749508_BasicProcessLibrary_TIA_Portal_V14_SP1_S7+RTProf.zip (37.2 MB)

Documentation (5.3 MB)

Important notes

  • In order to use this example, it must be ensured that Update3 of WinCC Professional V14.0 SP1 is installed.
  • The blocks can easily be migrated into the versions STEP 7 V14/V14 SP1 and WinCC V7.4/V7.4 SP1.

Further Information
Demo projects for SIMATIC WinCC V7.4
Demo project for WinCC Runtime Professional V14 SP1

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