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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109749590, Entry date: 08/09/2017

Product discontinuation SIPLUS CMS1000 / CMS4000 ION Profibus DP Spy

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The product range of SIPLUS CMS Condition Monitoring Systems is being harmonized, and the SIPLUS CMS1000 product series and SIPLUS CMS4000 ION Profibus DP Spy will be phased out. Until total discontinuation of product, the products can still be ordered from the Org ID 10001539.

SIPLUS CMS1000 with SIPLUS CMS1000 sensor:

SIPLUS CMS4000 ION Profibus DP Spy:

Successor products:

The products from the SIPLUS CMS1000 portfolio can be replaced with the SIPLUS CMS2000 and CMS1200 product series (TIA Portal integrated).

A migration solution from SIPLUS CMS1000 to the SIPLUS CMS1200 and CMS2000 product series depends on the respective customer application. Support for developing or examining migration proposals is provided by SIPLUS CMS Product Management.

There is no direct successor for SIPLUS CMS4000 ION Profibus DP Spy T001.

Data provided by SIMATIC and SIMOTION controllers can be transferred to CMS X tools using software IONs.

Plant: The affected SIPLUS CMS products are listed in the enclosed document.

Current information on SIPLUS CMS Condition Monitoring Systems is available at: http://www.siemens.com/Siplus-cms

The following products are affected:




SIPLUS CMS1000 Bearing Guard


SIPLUS CMS1000 sensor




Cable length 4 m



Cable length 10 m



Cable length 30 m

SPM adapter


Adapter for sensor mounting

Adapter M6/M6; M6/M8


Adapter for sensor mounting

SIPLUS CMS4000 ION Profibus DP Spy T001


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