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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 109749790, Entry date: 10/23/2017

How can you insert the messages of a frequency converter in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) and configure them in ProDiag for the S7-1500?

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The SINAMICS (G110/G120 and S110/S120) messages can be displayed without configuration in HMI with ProDiag in WinCC Advanced/Professional and via the CPU web server.

The instructions in this entry show you how to configure monitoring in ProDiag and that the HMI system does not have to contain the messages itself, but that the messages are contained in the S7-1500 CPU via ProDiag. It is not necessary to configure for the HMI devices.

A message of the SINAMICS frequency converters is composed of one letter (A: Warning, F: Fault) and the corresponding number. The associated text includes the information about the cause of the fault or the warning.

These messages of the SINAMICS G110/G120 and S110/S120 are available as XML files. Entry ID47520881 gives you information about how to download the XML file for each frequency converter.

Then you have to convert the XML files into a CSV file format and import the data into Excel. Entry ID 77467239 includes information about the next processing steps.

  • Download and operation of the SINAMICS XML parser
  • Conversion of the XML file into a CSV file with the SINAMICS XML parser
  • Import of the CSV file into Microsoft Excel

The library includes the FB "SinamicsAlarms" that you can use to diagnose the SINAMICS messages. You read in the fault and warning numbers of the frequency converter via the two input parameters "faultTextNo" and "warnTextNo" respectively. The program in FB "SinamicsAlarms" is divided into two networks and was created in SCL.

  • Network 1 includes the program code for monitoring the errors.
  • Network 2 includes the program code for monitoring the warnings.

The message texts are then displayed in the inspector window (under "Alarm display" or via the web server. For this the monitoring type "Error message" has been configured in the FB "SinamicsAlarms" for the two static variables "statFaultProDiag" and "statWarnProDiag".

The following table includes the two input parameters:

Input parameter

Data typeDescription
faultTextNoIntInput of the decimal fault number
warnTextNoIntInput of the decimal warning number

For the following procedure you should have already created a project, configured an S7-1500 CPU and put a drive into operation. To configure the drive and put it into operation you need the GSD/GSDLM file or the SINAMICS Startdrive.

The SINAMICS S120s are supported only with firmware V4.8 and higher of Startdrive.

Proceed as follows to import the data from the Excel list as a text list to STEP 7 (TIA Portal) and to have the messages displayed in the message display of your STEP 7 (TIA Portal) program:

  1. In the project navigation and in your S7 station you open the "PLC message text lists".
  2. Insert a new text list using the "Paste" function and assign a name, "SINAMICS G120 message texts", for example.
  3. In the "Selection" column you select "Decimal" for the newly created texts.
  4. Mark the newly created text list using the "Paste" function to enter the range from 0 to 3 in the bottom window (Text list entries of ...").
  5. Open the Excel list and from the columns you select the data that you need for configuring the message texts in ProDiag. Copy the data from, for example, the "Error Number decimal" and "Long Name" name columns.
  6. In STEP 7 (TIA Portal), in the window ("Text list entries of ...") right-click in the second input field ("Range to" column) and select "Paste" from the pop-up menu.

    Fig. 1
  7. The message texts from the Excel list are now copied into the newly created text list "SINAMICS G120 message texts" in STEP 7 (TIA Portal). Save and compile your PLC station.

    Fig. 2
  8. In STEP 7 (TIA Portal) you open the global library "109749790_SinamicsProDiag_Lib_STEP7_TIA-Portal_V14". The FB "SinamicsAlarms" is located in the "Master copies" folder.
  9. Drag the FB "SinamicsAlarms" from the library and drop it into the "Program blocks" folder of your PLC station.
  10. Call the FB "SinamicsAlarms" in a block (OB1, for example) and parameterize the two input parameters with global DB variables.
  11. Change the name of the instance DB created to "instSinamicsAlarmsDB".
  12. In your STEP 7 (TIA Portal) program you create a ProDiag function block. In this entry we have assigned the name "SinamicsProDiagFB". Detailed information about configuring ProDiag is available in the application example "Machine and plant diagnostics with ProDiag" in Entry ID: 109740151.
  13. Right-click the instance DB "instSinamicsAlarmsDB" from the pop-up menu you select "Properties...".
  14. In the Properties you switch to the "Attributes" tab and assign the ProDiag FB.
    • Setting: Assigned ProDiag FB: "SinamicsProDiagFB".
  15. Close the dialog with "OK" and open the FB "SinamicsAlarms".
  16. In the block interface you mark the static variable "statFaultProDiag". The monitoring (supervision) type "Error message" has been configured for this variable.
  17. In the inspector window you select the "Supervisions" tab and scroll down to "Specific text field". Change the data of the specific text field. The name must match the name of the text list.
    • For this example we have chosen the name "SINAMICS G120 Meldetexte" SINAMICS G120 message texts").
    • Specification of the specific text field: "@4%4d@: @4%t#"SINAMICS G120 Meldetexte"@
  18. Repeat steps 16 and 17 for the static variable "statWarnProDiag".

    Fig. 3
  19. Save and compile your STEP 7 (TIA Portal) project and load the project data into the CPU.
  20. Open the OB1 or the block in which you called the FB "SinamicsAlarms" and switch to the Online View.
  21. Via the two DB variables you can now read in the error and warning numbers to the parameters "faultTextNo" and "warnTextNo" respectively. You then see the display of the corresponding message texts in the inspector window in the dialog "Diagnostics > Alarm display".

Fig. 4

You have the following advantages with the described procedure:

  • No need to configure the HMI devices.
  • The configuration is identical for WinCC Advanced, WinCC Professional and WinCC V7.
  • The messages are available on the web server for SIMATIC NET and OPC UA AC.
  • The time stamp corresponds exactly to the cycle.

The download includes the STEP 7 (TIA Portal) library with the block described above for the S7-1500. Unpack the Zip file in a separate directory on your hard disk. Then you can open and edit the library in STEP 7 (TIA Portal).

You can only open and edit the library in STEP 7 (TIA Portal). Further information about opening libraries is available in Entry ID: 37364723.

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The screens and download in this entry were created with STEP 7 (TIA Portal) V14 SP1 / V15.1.

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