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Toolbox for SCADA System SIMATIC WinCC (as of V7.5)

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Often it's small aids that make the work easier. This entry contains some useful tools which you can easily integrate into your SCADA project planning. e.g. a stopwatch, a timer or an alarm clock, ....

The HMI toolbox of Siemens Industry Online Support provides many useful tools that can clearly make every day work easier. 
The different tools can be easily integrated in your visualization. This saves you valuable development time that you would have to invest in the development of your own tools.

The HMI Toolbox for WinCC V7.5 includes tools for the topics "Time functions, Mathematical functions, Creating an overview, Simplifying operation, Simplifying project planning".

All tools in one example
You can test the functions of all tools directly in the sample projects. To use them in your own project, use the respective libraries and documentation.

 Registrierung notwendig  Example project for STEP7 Professional (1,2 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Example project for WinCC V7.5 (21,3 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Library for STEP7 V15.1 (872,2 KB)
SHA256: 86DA66F0FA039734820925752074FB30A9E6EA039B25B33C183EC2FF6359
  Documentation (5,7 MB)

Time functions

Time functions are an elementary component of production. Instead of external "tools", such as a timer, you can integrate the timer directly into your visualization, which greatly simplifies operation.

ToolsSCADA SystemS7 controller
WinCC V7.5S7-1200S7-1500

Mathematical functions  

Small calculations are an integral part of an operator's everyday work. If products are manufactured for different regions, the conversion of the units can mean a great deal of effort. With small tools the operator can be relieved and small errors can be avoided.

ToolsSCADA SystemS7 controller
WinCC V7.5S7-1200S7-1500
Unit Switchxxx

Increase clarity  

In order to enable your operators to work in a structured manner, the focus must be on the clarity of the user interface. The TIA Portal already provides you with a number of options for aligning elements with each other, for example. The tools contained here, such as a note function, round off these possibilities.

ToolsSCADA System
WinCC V7.5
CMD x 
Preview Waiting Timex
Bit Monitorx

Simplified operation  

The user interface of a plant should be intuitive and simple. The operator can be supported by functions that he knows from everyday life, such as Segmented Control.

ToolsSCADA System
WinCC V7.5
 Segmented Control x 

Simplified engineering  

Not only the operators of the plant, but also your project engineers can be supported by small engineering tools. As of WinCC V7.5 you can use the "Siemens TIA Portal Icons Standard" font. The font provides often required graphic symbols as a font. This spares you development time for your own symbols.
An overview of the symbols and instructions for using the font can be found in the documentation.

ToolsSCADA System
WinCC V7.5
 Siemens TIA Portal Icons Standard font x 

Last Changes
Extension of the subject area "Mathematical Functions" by the new tool "Unit Calculator".
Extension of the subject area "Enhanced clarity" by the new tools "CMD, waiting time, notes, BitMonitor".
Extension of the subject area "Simplified operation" by the new tool "Segmented control".
Extension of the subject area "Simplified engineering" by the new tool "Siemens TIA Portal Icon font".

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