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Measuring Range Adjustment using the AI 8xU/I HF Module

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In order to adjust the analog module to your measuring environment, you can select predefined ranges or adjust the measuring environment individually and at runtime via parameter records.

The analog modules for data logging are usually supplied with a default setting for the output type and output range, e.g. voltage in the range +/-10 V. You can configure the analog modules later using predefined output ranges. However, sensors often do not use the entire nominal range (e.g. +/-10 V) of an analog module but only supply voltage in a partial range, for example, from -2V to +5V.

The requirement is to adjust the measuring range of the analog module individually to the measuring environment, so that the entire measuring range is available and not only a partial range is used. In addition, there is the wish to output the measuring values in REAL format.

The extended functions of the High Feature (HF) analog module of SIMATIC S7-1500 allow you to individually adjust the output range and the output type of the analog module to your measuring environment via special parameter data records.

This application example shows you how you can use the "Measuring range adjustment" function and the "Scaling of measured values" in the AI 8x U/I HF analog module of the SIMATIC S7-1500. The focus is on changing the functions in running operation or being able to read already configured parameter data from the module. In order to be able to read or write the parameter data, you will be provided a TIA project with the necessary blocks.

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