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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109750314, Entry date: 09/14/2017

Product discontinuation: Flat Panel 12" (4:3)

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The 12" Flat Panel monitors in 4:3 format are being discontinued with immediate effect. Remaining stock has been sold off.

The 12" Flat Panel monitors in 4:3 format have been discontinued. Orders are no longer possible.

The phase-out period for these devices began over one year ago. Residual quantities of displays have been used up. Repairs are guaranteed for a further 4 years.

The 15" devices are recommended as a replacement. These devices have a slightly larger installation cutout and a higher resolution. All other technical specifications are identical.

In the order number, replace a 1 with a 2:
6AV7861-1....-1... (12" device) -> 6AV7861-2....-2... (15" device)

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