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SITOP power supplies - use of OPC UA in the SITOP environment

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Overview and capabilities of OPC UA in connection with the SITOP PSU8600 modular power supply system and the UPS1600 uninterrupted power supply.

Digitization in the industrial world is marching on under the banner of “Industry 4.0”.
Many customers and manufacturers understand this to mean the large-scale networking, monitoring and diagnosis of automation systems to avoid unnecessary shutdown times and thereby increasing production.

A further capability is the quick and easy integration of automation components in new systems as well as pre-existing ones. As well as communication with network participants within an automation level, communication across different levels of automation is becoming more important.
Here, an analysis of the system status in ERP or MES systems plays a key role. It enables the early detection of potential error statuses and inefficient system components and allows access to data which reveals saving potentials, such as energy data.

The communication protocol OPC UA plays an important role in this. The primary benefits of the protocol are:

  • Operating system-independent
  • The TCP/IP protocol is used as a basis
  • Standardized and vendor-independent
  • Simple integration and connection in the automation system
  • Communication across automation levels

With the SITOP power supplies SITOP PSU8600 and UPS1600, Siemens AG offers two systems with an integrated OPC UA server. This results in a wide range of capabilities:

The following document is intended to provide an insight into various questions and to serve as a guide for applying the communication standard.

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