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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 109750676, Entry date: 02/05/2018

SIMATIC Information Server 2014 SP2 demo templates

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A selection of adapted report templates (.rdl files) and the corresponding reports (.PDF files) are available for download here for the SIMATIC Information Server. These report templates are adapted to the "EcoLe" demo project.

The standard report templates are installed during the installation of the SIMATIC Information Server.
This entry includes some of these standard report templates, adapted to the "EcoLe" demo project, for download.

You can download the following standard and user-defined report templates. They are divided into three folders as follows.

  • Various EcoLe messages
    Meldungen pro Tag
    - Meldungen gefiltert nach Meldeklasse
    - Meldungen sortiert nach Zeitstempel
    Anzahl von Meldungen nach Meldeklasse
  • Various EcoLe tags
    - Tlg_Chart_Aggregation_3D_Level_IS
    - Aggregationstrend
    - Trend
    - Aggregationsmatrix
    - Matrix
    - Aggreationstabelle
    - Tabelle
    - Archivkonfiguration

  • Custom
    - Tlg_Matrix_Aggregation2Invert
    - Tlg_Tabelle_Graph_Begin_Ende_ValueIds
    - Tlg_Tabelle_Graph_Msg_Begin_Ende_ValueIds
    - Tlg_ValuesTabletVert_Agg

A report created in PDF format is available for each of the report templates specified above.

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