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GSD: SITRANS FCx30/FCT030 - Profibus DP

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Supported Firmware:

4.00.01 and newer



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Transmitter: 7ME4613-*****-**** ; 7ME4623-*****-**** ; 7ME4633-*****-**** ; 7ME4813-*****-****






This is the General Station Description (GSD) for the Coriolis Flowmeter SITRANS FC330/FC430/Mass 2100/FC300 with sensor FCT030 for integration in process control systems. This GSD supports PROFIBUS profile 4.
For more information please check https://siemens.com/coriolis.

New features in update - Support of SITRANS FC330

 Registrierung notwendig  SITRANS_FC430_FCT030_Profibus_DP_GSD_Revision_5.zip (9,9 KB)


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