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SIMATIC Technology - Signalprocessing und Signaloutput: Overview and Important Links

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At this topic page you find manuals, applications and FAQs about the topic counting and dose, cam control, pulse generator, frequency measurement, length measurement and position detection.

High productivity and high product quality require a fast and precisely-timed response to events in the production process. The faster and more precise the response is, the higher the product quality and productivity will be.

The PLC scan cycle can be too slow for sampling signals in some applications. The use of special modules enables fast and precisely-timed event detection with a resolution that is finer than the PLC scan cycle.

Motion ControlSignalprocessing/-outputPID Control



SIMATIC High-precision input/output with Time-based IO
SIMATIC S7-1500/ET 200MP Technology Module TM PTO 4 (6ES7553-1AA00-0AB0)
SIMATIC S7-1500, ET 200MP, ET 200SP, ET 200AL Counting, measurement and position detection


SIMATIC S7-1500: Cam Control Unit with time-based IO
Time-based IO with the SIMATIC S7-1500 and TM Timer
Measuring input with Time-based IO
SIMATIC S7-1500: Rapid Traverse/Creep Speed Positioning (2SpeedPositioning)
Libraries with PLC data types (LPD) for STEP 7 (TIA Portal) and SIMATIC S7-1200 / S7-1500


How can you realize the encoder configuration for the “positioning axis” technology object?
In STEP 7 (TIA Portal), how do you configure the technology module TM Timer DIDQ for distributed operation in an ET 200MP or ET 200SP?
Which Base Units can you use for the IO modules of the ET 200SP?
Where can I find the current order numbers for Pre-Assembled sensor lines?



Migration Guide: S7-31xT to S7-1500(T)
Migration Guide: SIMATIC S7-300/400 to SIMATIC S7-1500

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