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SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V9 Migration V8.0 + SP2

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The Software SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V9 Migration V8.0 + SP2 is now available for download. With this download, an existing installation can be updated.

Software requirements for PCS 7 Library V7-V9 Migration V8.0+SP2

  • An already installed version of PCS 7 Library V7-V8 Migration V8.0 is required for the installation.
  • The library requires as a minimum SIMATIC PCS7 V8.0.
  • The SIMOCODE ES Premium software is necessary to be able to integrate SIMOCODE pro as an S7 slave.
  • The currently released version of F Systems for PCS 7 is required for programming fail-safe functions using a PROFIsafe module for SIMOCODE pro V.

Overview of expansions and corrections in PCS 7 Library V7-V9 Migration V8.0+SP2:

  • With the changes at the blocks, SIMOCODE pro PCS 7 Library V7-V9 Migration V8.0+SP2 will no longer consume AS and OS RT PO licenses.
  • For configurations behind Y-Link, Data fields and Read data buttons at faceplates were displayed as enabled/editable even on SIMOCODE pro device disconnection. The fields are now grayed out as long as device is unavailable (Rack fault or Module fault)
  • Text Display for control commands were hardcoded in English at attributes at the blocks. This led to the same English text being displayed for French and German languages as well. The default text has been removed at the control commands of all blocks. The control commands will now display text as per the language selected. However, the user still has option to re-insert hard code texts if they require a single language text irrespective of WinCC RT language.
  • High range (Bar HL) and Low range (Bar LL) values of Earth current could not be set at Earth fault current view in SMC_MEAS. This has been fixed such that values can be edited now as required.
  • There was no group error indication for faceplates in previous versions. Group Error is now displayed at standard view of all blocks.

Third-party software - Licensing terms and copyright information

You can find the copyright information for third-party software contained in this product, particularly open source software, as well as applicable licensing terms of such third-party software in the readme_OSS file.

Special information for resellers

The information and the license terms in the readme_OSS file must be passed on to the purchasing party to avoid license infringements by the reseller or purchasing party.

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Installation notes

PCS 7 Library V7-V9 Migration V8.0 + SP2 is offered in the form of the download file "SIRIUS_SC_PRO_PCS_7_V8.0_SP2_MIGRATION.zip".

Please exit all STEP 7 applications prior to starting the installation. After having unpacked the *.zip file, please start the program "Setup.exe". Please also observe the installation and application notes available in the file Readme.


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