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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109751266, Entry date: 02/20/2018

Release for sales and delivery for SINAMICS S120 booksize C/D type 24 A, 45 A, 60 A

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Effective immediately, the new SINAMICS S120 booksize C/D type Motor Modules with rated currents of 24 A, 45 A and 60 A have been released for general sale and delivery. The C/D type Motor Modules are only available with internal cooling.

Brief description of the product and its highlights

With immediate effect, the SINAMICS S120 booksize C/D type 24 A, 45 A and 60 A Motor Modules are available with double overload (C type), and the SINAMICS S120 booksize C/D type 24 A also with triple overload (D type).


The DC link rectifier adapter 6SL3162-2BM00-0AA0 for the old SINAMICS S120 booksize 45 A/60 A Motor Modules (150 mm width) does not fit the new SINAMICS S120 booksize C/D type 45 A/60 A Motor Modules (100 mm width). A matching DC link rectifier adapter is currently being developed for the new Motor Modules.

The SINAMICS S120 booksize C/D type Motor Modules 3 A to 30 A were already released in 2015, see 109480497.

The highlights of the new Motor Modules are

  • Compactness/power density
    • Space savings in the control cabinet thanks to reduced space requirements as a result of new frame sizes (45 A/60 A) in 100 mm instead of 150 mm design and new variants (24 A) in 50 mm design
    • Additionally, the maximum power has been increased from 85 A to 90 A for the 45 A devices and from 113 A to 120 A for the 60 A devices.
    • The 24 A devices are completely new on the market. These will be available as C and D types. This closes the portfolio gap between 18 A and 30 A.
  • Ruggedness
    • Longer service life due to an optimized design – the IGBTs are separated from the rest of the electronics
    • Solid mounting plate, extremely rugged fixing lugs
  • Usability
    • Simple fan replacement without removing the Motor Module
    • Improved arrangement and accessibility of the motor plug connectors (24 A)
    • The motor plug connector can be quickly and reliably assembled by customers thanks to the push-in (spring-type terminal) or screw-type terminal (24 A)
    • Protective conductor (PE) integrated in the plug connector (24 A)

45 A or 60 A Motor Module

Shield plate for 45 A or 60 A Motor Module

Application fields/typical applications
  • Typical application fields of the SINAMICS S120 booksize C/D type Motor Modules continue to be machine tools, production machines, and general motion control applications.
  • Just like the previous booksize modules, the new modules can be combined with the SIMATIC/SIMOTION/SINUMERIK controller families and the SIMOTICS motor families.

Customer benefits (focus of the chapter on customer benefits) and technical details

SINAMICS S120 booksize C/D type

The new Motor Modules are offered in a range between 18 A and 30 A in two versions, the C type and the D type. As a result, continuous current and maximum current applications can be optimally implemented.

Article numberDesignationOverload factorWidth
6SL3120-1TE22-4AC024 A Single Motor Module C type2

50 mm

6SL3120-1TE22-4AD024 A Single Motor Module D type350 mm
6SL3120-1TE24-5AC045 A Single Motor Module C type2100 mm
6SL3120-1TE26-0AC060 A Single Motor Module C type2100 mm
6SL3162-1AD00-0AA045 A, 60 A C type, shield plate--


The SINAMICS S120 booksize C/D type Motor Modules are based on the same ASICs and the same firmware as today's modules. The modules are therefore compatible.

The 45 A and 60 A Motor Modules require the latest firmware if the maximum current of 90 A or 120 A is to be utilized fully. 
In any case, the 24 A Motor Modules require new firmware.

Engineering systemVersion (at least)
SINAMICS RuntimeV4.8

V4.5 SP 1 + SSP SINAMICS V4.8 HF2 109477641 

Scout ClassicV5.1
Scout TIAV5.1
Startdrive TIAV15 109752254 

V4.8 SP2

V4.5 SP6 and V4.7 SP5 with boundary conditions 109755198



MOTION-CONNECT power cables are available which have been coordinated with the new SINAMICS S120 booksize Motor Modules C types and which are used to connect SIMOTICS motors. They are available in cross-sections from 6 to 50 mm2, as PUR MC800PLUS, which are typically used in drag cable systems, and PVC MC500 cables, typical for fixed installation.

With MOTION-CONNECT cable assemblies, an off-the-shelf, ready-to-use product is available that has been system-tested for the SINAMICS S120.

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