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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 109751271, Entry date: 12/05/2017

Implementation of the PROFIdrive profile on PROFINET hardware platforms

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Drive technology on PROFINET uses the PROFIdrive profile for a standardized data exchange. The application example is designed for device developers. It provides all necessary functions to create a drive for application class (AC) 1.

The PROFIdrive profile is the tried and tested device profile for drive units based on PROFIBUS and PROFINET. With the application example presented here, you can shorten the development time for realization of a PROFIdrive connection of a drive unit. The application example is based on the PROFINET stack for the EK ERTEC 200P-2 Evaluation Kit. It can also serve as the basis for porting to other platforms and communication stacks.
PROFIdrive is a standardized application interface for drives and encoders and is defined in IEC61800-7 as well as Chinese Recommendatory National Standard GB/T 25740.

The figure shows an overview: PROFIdrive (green) as the application layer between the PROFINET stack (orange) and the drive application (black) from drive perspective

The PROFINET stack is the firmware version delivered with the Evaluation Kit. PROFIdrive is implemented by the application example presented here. The "Drive application" is simulated in the application example by a simple simulation (PT1 element).
The functionality of the PROFIdrive application example includes:

  • Implementation of a drive object of the application class (AC) 1 with speed setpoint interface.
  • Cyclic data exchange via standard telegrams 1 and 2.
  • Acyclic data exchange via PROFIdrive parameter channel.
  • PROFIdrive diagnostics
  • State machine PROFIdrive General State Machine
  • Simulation of a drive control system

The application example was tested with the PROFIdrive PROFINET Profile Tester V50.

Target audience for the application example

This application example is intended for software developers and application developers who want to use the Evaluation Kit for new products with the PROFIdrive profile or to port the example implementation of the PROFIdrive profile to a different PROFINET hardware platform.
This example can run on a ERTEC 200P-based platform, but can also be migrated to other communication stacks.
A good understanding of PROFINET IO and PROFIdrive are required in order to be able to use the PROFINET firmware stack and the PROFIdrive application example.

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