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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 109751367, Entry date: 10/18/2017

3D models and installation drawings

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3D models and installation drawings now collected in the Industry Image Database

We are pleased to inform you that since July 2017 all available installation drawings as well as 3D models from the product range of the process instrumentation are now available in the Industry Image Database.

Therefore the link on the marketing web pages is deactivated for the previously available Sharepoint for 3D models and installation drawings.

You will find a corresponding jump to the image database on each page of the marketing web.

Classic produkt web page

New product web page



In the Industry Image Database, the filter on the right can be used to fine-tune the search result, in which the motif is filtered.

By combining the image information into a central database, we hope for a substantial improvement in the provision of product information.


If you need an additional 3D model or a further installation drawing, please open a support request:

This information relates to the following products:

    • SIPART PS2

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