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What is the meaning of the error entries in the Application EventLog with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB?

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In Windows 10, through special hardware features the LTSB Service Channel from Microsoft permits the operating system to be properly licensed and used unrestrictedly without activation. With the SIMATIC IPCs this modification is made with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB preinstalled ex works.

However, despite activation not being required, it might happen that the Microsoft operating system writes unnecessary error entries in the event log. This behavior is manufacturer-independent and can affect any PC running Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB. It has no effect on the function and licensing and can be ignored. Microsoft has been informed by Siemens about this matter and requested to remove these messages. 

On the PCs concerned you might get the following error entries in the event log: 
  • 1014: "Acquisition of End User License failed"
  • 8198: "License acquisition  failure details. hr=0x80072EE7"
  • 8200: "License Activation (slui.exe) failed  with the following error code..."

Fig. 01
At the moment these entries can only be avoided on the PCs concerned by explicitly activating the operating system.

Activation is not absolutely necessary. However, it does avoid the named entries.
Procedure with internet
Establish a connection to the internet. When the system has an internet connection the activation is executed automatically.
Procedure without internet
Proceed as follows if you do not have an internet connection:
  1. Press the Windows key and enter "cmd" in the Windows search.

  2. Right-click  "Input Prompt".

  3. Click "Execute as administrator".

    Fig. 02
  4. Enter "slui 4" in the input prompt and press <Enter>.

  5. Under "Country or Region" you select your region.

  6. To complete the activation you call the displayed number and follow the instructions.
  7. After completion of the activation close the input prompt.
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