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Burner Technology for S7 F Systems (Burner Library)

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The application example Burner Technology for S7 F Systems (Burner library) supports you in the creation of Oil burner, Gas burner and Solid matter burner applications with single or multi burner.

In the process of creating a burner application several directives have to be complied. So the control logic is to be created according to specific functional requirements coming from EN 746-2. The functions of the library were developed with regards to individual sub‑functions, in order to ensure a modular application when using several burners. The function example follows the guidelines of EN 746-2 and further standards.

The library supports Oil burner, Gas burner and Solid matter burner as single and multi burner applications.
It has the following functions:

  • Function for controlling the ignition / pilot burner
  • Function for controlling the functions of a gas burner
  • Function for controlling the functions of an oil burner
  • Function for cleaning/blowing out the oil burner
  • Function to perform a tightness test of the gas valves
  • Function for controlling and monitoring of air dampers (and actuators with discrete position-feedback)
  • Function for controlling and monitoring of analogue actuators

The function blocks are prepared for realizing an electronic colligated solution. 

The following figure shows the technological layout of a burner system.

SIMATIC S7 F Systems V6.2

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