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Delivery release TIA Portal V15

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Your gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise

TIA Portal V15 offers a large variety of new functions for existing products

An overview of the new functions is available here:  Registrierung notwendig  TIA Portal V15 new functions (8,4 MB) 

Overview of products and options in TIA Portal V15

TIA Portal V15 products and options

Engineering options

TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering

TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering enables multiple users to simultaneously work together on a project. As a result, configuration times are significantly reduced and projects can be commissioned quicker.

The following functions are now available with TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering V15:

  • Automatic marking of multiuse objects

  • Offline working possible with multiuser engineering

  • Enhanced check-in and comment functions

  • Project server with extended revision history and recovery functions

TIA Portal Teamcenter Gateway

The Teamcenter Gateway enables you to save and manage TIA Portal projects and global libraries in Teamcenter. Operator control is integrated in the TIA Portal.

TIA Portal Cloud Connector

The TIA Portal Cloud Connector provides access to local PC interfaces and connected SIMATIC hardware in the TIA Portal Engineering while the engineering itself is performed via Remote Desktop in a private cloud.

TIA User Management Component - New option in TIA Portal V15

The TIA User Management Component (UMC) option provided with TIA Portal V15 offers the possibility of global user administration. Users and user groups can be defined and managed across projects. Users and user groups can also be taken from a Microsoft Active Directory.

To take full advantage of this functionality, you need one or more UMC installations. The software for this is already included in the scope of delivery of your TIA Portal product (STEP 7, WinCC).

The installation of the UMC server is performed as a stand-alone installation. For the installation, start the TIA UMC installation file "TIA_UMC_V1.exe" in the "Support" directory of DVD 2 (STEP 7 / WinCC) on the installation medium.

Further information can be found during the setup and before installing the product. The product TIA UMC V1 is licensed exclusively with the document "Certificate of License".

TIA Portal Openness

You can use the API interface of WinCC and STEP 7 in the TIA Portal to integrate the TIA Portal in your development environment and automate your engineering tasks. Write your own applications with external development environments, for example, a code generator for HMI screens and PLC blocks.

The following functions are now available with TIA Portal Openness V15:

  • Multiple API versions available

    Since the Openness DLLs of V14 SP1 and V15 are included in the scope of delivery, applications based on V14SP1 also run in V15 without modification. In order to be able to use the functions of the V15, you must integrate the DLL of the V15 and recompile the application

  • XML representation of SCL

    Both SCL blocks and LAD / FBD blocks with SCL networks can be exported and imported as XML.

  • PLC Download

    S7-1500 standard PLCs can be loaded automatically. In this case, stopping and starting the PLC is implicitly carried out. Protection level passwords and binding passwords can be passed by the application.

  • Read checksums

    The checksum of the PLC standard program can be read by an offline PLC.
  • ProDiag
    FBs, instances and assignments can be created for ProDiag.

  • System folders for UDTs

    System UDTs can be accessed in the new system folder within the user data types.
  • Block numbering
    The automatic block numbering can be switched on and off. Furthermore, block numbers can be changed. 

  • Technology objects
    Openness contains enhancements for loading and saving TO cam data and for new TO Features.

  • Startdrive
    DriveObjects and telegrams can be created for the SINAMICS G120 and SINAMICS S120 drives. Selected drive parameters can be set online and offline. Loading to the device is possible.

SIMATIC Energy Suite

As an integrated option for the TIA Portal, SIMATIC Energy Suite directly links energy management and automation for the first time and thereby creates energy transparency in the production system. In addition, simplified programming of energy-measuring components significantly reduces the configuration work.

  • Integrated and intuitive configuration of the energy management

  • Automatic generation of the PLC energy program for S7-1500

  • Archiving on WinCC Runtime Professional or PLC-internal SIMATIC memory card

The following functions are now available with SIMATIC Energy Suite V15:

  • Visualisation of Energy Data in Energy Objects requires no additional PowerTags in WinCC RT Professiona

  • S7 Energy Efficiency-Monitor for Machines (new S7 Instruction in STEP 7 Library of TIA Portal) offers the following features:  

    • Production related and standardized determination of energy consumption in machines (according measurement instruction VDMA 34179)

    • Easy integration to machine controller (S7-1200/1500) and visualization of the efficiency status directly at the machine

    • Automatic long-term measurement (e.g. per shift)

    • Creation of efficiency protocol (.csv) for detailed analysis and documentation purposes


SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced enables you to create virtual controllers for simulating S7-1500 and ET 200SP controllers and to use the virtual controllers for comprehensive function Simulation.

The following functions are now available with SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced V2.0:

  • Synchronization of S7-PLCSIM Advanced with co-simulation tools on part process images of cyclical OBs (e.g. watchdog OBs)

  • Support for acyclical services (RDREC/WRREC) and alarms (e.g. process alarms)

  • Process alarms configured in the TIA Portal can be output via the API

  • Simple backup and recovery of software and hardware configuration of S7-PLCSIM Advanced instances

  • Parallel installation of S7-PLCSIM and S7-PLCSIM Advanced on one PC


ODK 1500S enables the development of high-level language applications and function libraries for ODK-compatible SIMATIC S7-1500 PLCs. Function libraries can be loaded and executed directly from the user program. High-level language applications can be executed on multifunctional platforms independently of the user program.

The following functions are now available with SIMATIC ODK 1500S V2.5:

  • Development of C ++ applications for the multifunctional CPU 1518 (F) -4 PN / DP MFP
  • Development of function libraries for Windows with C# and Visual Basic
  • Support of the "Variant" data type with function libraries for Windows
  • A trial version (21 days) is available

SIMATIC Target 1500S for Simulink

Target 1500S is an add-on for Simulink from MathWorks. It enables the integration of Simulink models directly in the program cycle of an ODK capable S7-1500 PLC. See also: 109755208 

The following functions are now available with SIMATIC Target 1500S V2.0:

  • Automatic import of the generated program blocks to STEP 7 via TIA Portal Openness
  • Easy, read access to all model signals and test points from the S7 program
  • Execution of the model and the external mode in different OBs possible

  • A trial version (21 days) is available

SIMATIC Visualization Architect

IMATIC Visualization Architect (SiVArc) enables easy, fast, and flexible automated creation of HMI contents based on the STEP 7 user program.

The following functions are now available with SIMATIC Visualization Architect V15:

  • Generation of alarms with an alarm rules editor: Bit and analog alarms, classes and groups
  • New image object: TrendControls F(t)
  • Template Screens for Panels and RT Advanced: Copying from the library and assignment to images

Runtime options


Selective and easy to configure machine and plant diagnostics for SIMATIC S7-1500 and SIMATIC HMI.

The following functions are now available with SIMATIC ProDiag:

  • Criteria analysis for ProDiag supervisions and S7-Graph

  • Result of the criteria analysis within the alarm text

  • Display of Predecessor/successor step within the HMI S7 Graph Overview Control

  • 1000 supervisions per supervision block (250 in V14)

  • Identical timestamp for all identified events in a cycle

  • Rapid activation of supervisions in PLC tag table, DB

SIMATIC Energy Suite S7-1500

The SIMATIC Energy Suite Engineering comes with 10 energy objects. Additional energy objects can be added with runtime packages.


The OPC UA S7-1500 option enables easy connection of any third-party devices to the S7-1500 via the OPC UA server integrated in the S7-1500 CPU.

The following functions are now available with SIMATIC OPC UA with TIA Portal V15 and Firmware V2.5:

  • Creation of freely programmable OPC UA methods

  • Loading of customized OPC UA information models/Companion Specifications


WinCC/WebUX for WinCC Professional enables monitoring and, if necessary, controlling of plant processes over the Internet or intranet using mobile terminals. The software provides a visualization solution that is suitable for HTML5 and SVG-capable browsers regardless of the operating system – without any engineering work. See also 

Ordering data

The products with article numbers (order numbers) are listed in the attached file.

 Registrierung notwendig  TIA Portal V15 ordering list (46,5 KB)

Trial software download

You can find trial versions for downloading and testing of the several TIA Portal products in the following entries (available from 22.12.2017):

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