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How do you create a log file for a COMOS Mobile Solutions client?

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If you have addressed a support request about COMOS to Support, a COMOS log file is often required for the Support Request. Here we describe how to create a COMOS log file for a COMOS Mobile Solutions client.


  1. Download the application "Fiddler" via this link:

    Always use the latest version of "Fiddler" to create the log file.

  2. Install the "Fiddler" application.

  3. As administrator you start the "Fiddler" application with a right-click.

    Fig. 01

  4. Start your client session and reproduce your query so that the debug outputs are recorded.

  5. Then save the log file of the "Fiddler" application and in the name of the log file you save the Incident Report - ID(IR-ID) of your COMOS Support Request.

  6. Upload the log file via the GTAC portal.
    How to proceed for this is described in the FAQ response in Entry ID 109474501.

    Other ways how you create a log file are shown in the following FAQs:
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