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How do you enable operation via multi-touch?

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You are using an input device that supports multi-touch. However, inputs via the touch-sensitive display are not recognized correctly or not at all.

Case 1 - No multi-touch in Windows Embedded Standard 7

You are using Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WS7E). Inputs via the touch-sensitive display are not recognized.

Operating system

  • Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WS7E)


  • SIMATIC Panel PC with capacitive multi-touch
  • IPC and SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panel with capacitive multi-touch

The operating system Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WS7E) does not support multi-touch. Inputs via the touch-sensitive display are only possible in single-touch mode.

You can operate the touch controller in your SIMATIC multi-touch screen both in multi-touch mode and in single-touch mode. To enable inputs via the touch-sensitive display you have to switch the touch controller for Windows Embedded Standard 7 into single-touch mode. In single-touch mode you use the multi-touch display screen with just one finger without any multi-touch gestures.

You switch modes either via the pre-installed Panel Configuration Center or via the "SIMATIC IPC Switch Touch Mode" tool.

Panel Configuration Center
To switch to single-touch mode you start the Panel Configuration Center, select "Touch settings" and click the "SWITCH MODE" button. The touch controller will then work immediately in single-touch mode.

Fig. 1

"Switch Touch Mode" Tool
Please read the product information in the following PDF document before using the tool.

  Product Information (263.1 KB)

 Registration required  Switch Touch Mode V1.0 (37.8 MB)

Case 2 - No multi-touch in Windows 10 Enterprise

You are using Windows 10 Enterprise and have updated the operating system to version 1607. After the update, inputs via the touch-sensitive display are no longer recognized.


  • Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit, Version 1607, OS build 14393)
  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB (64-bit, Version 1607, OS build 14393)

The described behavior is due to changes in the operating system through the update to Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB Version 1607.

To enable multi-touch input again you install the fix "SIMATIC Multitouch TN Fix V1.0".

The fix is available below for downloading and on the "Documentation and Drivers" DVD of your SIMATIC operator panel.

The software is subject to export restrictions. Download is authorized only for registered users.

  Product Information (217.5 KB)

 Download subject to export control  SIMATIC Multitouch TN Fix V1.0 (14.5 MB)

Case 3 - No multi-touch after long operating period

After a long operating period, Multitouch operator panels can no longer be operated or applications are terminated unexpectedly.

This behavior can occur with the devices below.




  • The Multitouch operator panel is being operated in single-touch mode and there are many operations.
  • WinCC / TIA malfunction messages are configured such that with a message an event is triggered by the mouse.
  • A mouse connected to the USB port of your IPC is frequently used to operate the plant.

For Multitouch operator panels, the Hidlock.exe process ensures locking between multiple operator panels. Certain circumstances might mean that this process occupies parts of the main memory and after use does not release them again.

Replace the "Hidlock.exe" file on the device concerned with a corrected version of the file. The corrected version of the Hidlock.exe file is available below as the download "Multitouch Fix Hidlock".

Download is authorized only for registered users.

 Registration required  Multitouch Fix Hidlock (4.0 MB)

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