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Diagnostics Overview for SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500

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Diagnostics reduces downtimes and thus contributes to increasing the productivity of the machine. Diagnostics supports over the entire lifecycle of a machine, from planning to operation and maintenance. Diagnostics essentially comprises the diagnosis of all system components, the monitoring of process sequences and the diagnosis of program errors.

System diagnostics (diagnosis of faults of electrical controller components)
In the SIMATIC environment, the term "system diagnostics" is used to describe the diagnostics of devices and modules. The faults can be displayed in plain text. This enables maintenance personnel to locate and rectify the error more quickly.
Faulty devices and modules can be determined through diagnostics with the user program. Thus responses to diagnostic messages can also be programmed in the user program and, as a result, undesired machine behavior can be prevented.

Machine and system diagnostics (diagnosis of faults in the production process)
Many faults in running operation of a plant are errors in the production process caused by mechanical or electrical components.
With an efficient plant-specific diagnosis of process faults and information on the location of the fault, the cause of the fault and troubleshooting information, faults can be quickly identified and rectified.
The error bits of the machine and system diagnostics can be queried in the user program, in order to stop the machine in the event of certain faults, for example.

Diagnostics of program errors (analysis and elimination of programming errors)
Programming errors occur not only during commissioning, but also during operation if, for example, array limits are exceeded due to incorrect parameters.
With a development environment that offers possibilities for analyzing programs, errors in the program can be quickly localized and eliminated.

Objectives / advantages of diagnostics

  • Increased availability through fast error detection and error rectification
  • Reduced costs through less downtime
  • Increased quality through error avoidance
  • Reduced time for commissioning

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