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Sales and delivery release: SIMOCODE ES V15 (TIA Portal)

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The innovative engineering software for commissioning, operation, and diagnostics of the SIMOCODE pro motor management system.

The software- and license key download versions of SIMOCODE ES V15 (OSD) are released for delivery since end February 2018, followed by the version with software on DVD and license key on USB stick by end of March 2018.
SIMOCODE ES V15 is based on the central engineering framework Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) and can be seamlessly integrated when other TIA Portal-based software such as STEP 7 or WinCC is available, thus offering the user a uniform, efficient, and intuitive solution to all automation tasks. But also users of SIMOCODE ES V15 as standalone software will benefit from its advantages.

Upgrade to SIMOCODE ES V15

The upgrade to SIMOCODE V15 Standard or SIMOCODE ES V15 Premium is a particular advantage to users already implementing SIMOCODE ES 2007 because it is offered as a combo license. This combo license allows parallel use of SIMOCODE ES 2007 and SIMOCODE ES V14 (TIA Portal). In this way, users can familiarize themselves with and benefit from the advantages of the new software generation of SIMOCODE ES based on the central engineering framework Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) at the attractive price of an upgrade without dispensing with the tried and trusted version of SIMOCODE ES 2007.

For new customers we strongly recommend to use SIMOCODE ES V15. Only with that version of software,  
the complete range of SIMOCODE pro devices and functions is covered.

SIMOCODE ES V15 (TIA Portal) offers the following features:

  • Easy parameterization with the graphics editor based on the Continuous Function Chart (CFC) reduces engineering work and shortens startup times
  • Clear plant documentation by means of graphic presentation
  • Detailed information, also in the event of faults, is a help for maintenance personnel and shortens downtimes
  • Universally applicable through standalone version or seamless integration into the central engineering framework when other TIA Portal V14-based software such as STEP 7 or WinCC is available
  • Parameter changes are also possible during normal operation

What‘s new in SIMOCODE ES V15

The following new features and innovations are available at SIMOCODE ES in the TIA Portal:

  • SIMOCODE ES V15 Basic is available for download free of charge below the link as follows  109752321 
  • User-configurable display of device parameters

        • A new view of the device parameters, the "Expert list", is available in the parameter editor.
        • Groups of parameters as well as individual parameters can be marked as favorites.
        • A filtered parameter view is possible based on these favorites.
        • Export and import this selection of favorites (without values)
  • Mass engineering

        • High-performance function for mass engineering of devices within a project (also for different types of SIMOCODE pro basic units)
        • Selected and appropriately set parameters can be transferred to a group of devices in a single step.
  • Parameter wizard

        • Step-by-step configuration of all important device parameters
        • Settings for the fieldbus interface, device configuration, motor protection and monitoring functions can be queried and stored
        • User can call up the wizard directly from the Parameter Editor at any time.
  • Automatic generation of PLC tags

        • If STEP 7 is additionally installed and one SIMOCODE per device is connected to a PLC, PLC can be are automatically generated for the process image of inputs and outputs that are exchanged with a PLC via PROFIBUS or PROFINET. This function can be enabled in the IO addresses dialog.
        • Thanks to this function, the user can directly access these data in the user program using symbolic addressing.
  • Support for "TIA Portal Openness"

      • SIMOCODE ES supports the access to all mandatory attributes

  • Automatic layout of graphical blocks

        • Placement of the blocks in fixed columns similar to the IPO principle (IPO = input, processing, output)
        • All parameters can now be edited in the graphics editor, not just the connections
        • Values can be entered directly at the function block using the keyboard.

Three program versions

The user can choose between three different versions of SIMOCODE ES: SIMOCODE ES Basic, SIMOCODE ES Standard, and SIMOCODE ES Premium.
New: Since V15, SIMOCODE ES Basic SIMOCODE as a powerful tool for commissioning or maintenance engineers is offered for download free of charge at Siemens Industry Online Support using the following link  109752321 

SIMOCODE ES Standard and Premium, with their more extensive range of functions and integrated graphics editor, are perfect tools for engineering and configuring. Unlike the Standard version, SIMOCODE ES Premium also permits parameterization and diagnostics through PROFIBUS/PROFINET. The display of all operating, service, and diagnostics data supplies important information about the current state of the motor and plant at all times – everywhere on PROFIBUS or PROFINET.

Types of delivery and licenses

SIMOCODE ES V15 is available as follows:

  • Floating license – License per user
    authorizes any one user – irrespective of the number of installations (unlike the single license, which can only be installed once).
    A license is only needed for the actual use of the program
  • Combo license – License for parallel use,
    licenses parallel use of both the SIMOCODE ES V15 version and the 2007 version
  • Trial license (free use of all program functions for 21 days for test and evaluation purposes, included on every product DVD, available in the download file of the SIRIUS ES program in the Service & Support portal).

The following delivery types are also available:

  • Upgrade
    Upgrade of an old version to a new version with expanded functions, e.g. upgrade from SIMOCODE ES 2007 to SIMOCODE ES V15; includes a combo license for parallel use of SIMOCODE ES 2007 and SIMOCODE ES V15
  • Software Update Service
    We offer a special service that automatically provides you with all the service packs and upgrades for SIMOCODE ES (TIA Portal), so that you will always be up to date.
  • License/software download (for selected countries)
    Simply download your new software and license key from the Internet via the Online Software Delivery (OSD) platform. After you have placed your order in our Mall, you will receive your access data by email, which will allow you to immediately download the license or software you have ordered. For more information, see  www.siemens.com/tia-online-software-delivery  

Replacement and compatibility

  • In addition to SIMOCODE ES Version 2007, Version 15, based on the central engineering framework Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), is available with immediate effect.
  • SIMCOCODE ES V15 is supplied as a combo license for parallel use of SIMOCODE ES 2007 and SIMOCODE ES V15.
  • Version 15 of SIMOCODE ES (TIA Portal) is intended to replace SIMOCODE ES V14.
  • License keys that were purchased for SIMOCODE ES V12 / V13 / V14 can also be used for SIMOCODE ES V15.
  • SIMOCODE ES V15 (TIA Portal) is also intended to replace SIMOCODE ES 2007.
  • SIMOCODE ES V15 (TIA Portal) is compatible with software based on TIA Portal V15.
  • Projects that were created with SIMOCODE ES V13 SP1 or higher can be migrated into SIMOCODE ES V15 projects.
  • Parameter files that were created with SIMOCODE ES 2007 can be migrated using the “Migrate project” function.
  • SIMOCODE ES V15 (TIA Portal) supports all SIMOCODE pro devices.

Ordering Data

Software download Siemens Industry Online Support  
Software download (OSD)                                                         3ZS1322-6CE13-0YG8

SIMOCODE ES V15 Standard
License key on USB-stick, software on DVD                            3ZS1322-5CC13-0YA5  
License key and software download (OSD)                              3ZS1322-5CE13-0YB5
Upgrade f. SIMOCODE ES 2007                                              3ZS1322-5CC13-0YE5        

Software update service f. 1 year                                              3ZS1322-5CC00-0YL5          

License key on USB-stick, software on DVD                            3ZS1322-6CC13-0YA5  
License key and software download (OSD)                              3ZS1322-6CE13-0YB5          
Upgrade f. SIMOCODE ES 2007                                              3ZS1322-6CC13-0YE5        

Software Update Service f. 1 year                                             3ZS1322-6CC00-0YL5   


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