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What application cases are there for the various data point configurations in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) with the TeleControl CP of the TIM?

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The data point configuration provides different options for changing the sending of data to the application. This entry explains the interaction between transfer type, transfer mode and trigger for the configuration of data points as events.

With the transfer type you decide which value is entered in the Send buffer of the CP when the configured trigger conditions are fulfilled accordingly.
Either precisely the current value ("Triggered by current value") or all buffered values that have not yet been transferred ("Triggered by each value").

Via the trigger you decide when the value of a data point is entered in the Send buffer of the CP. The value of the data point is transferred if one of the following conditions is fulfilled:

  • A specific threshold is reached (Threshold trigger).
  • A configurable trigger signal is released (Event trigger).
  • A time frame is configured (Time trigger).

Via the transfer mode you decide whether the value of a data point is to be sent directly ("Spontaneous") to the communication partner (TCSB server, for example) after release of the trigger, or if another data point is sent ("Conditionally spontaneous").

Table 1 shows possible application cases.

Application caseTransfer typeTransfer modeTrigger

A byte or a word is used to generate alarms.

Each bit mirrors an alarm.

Target: Each time a bit changes the byte or word has to be sent.

Triggered by each valueSpontaneousThreshold value trigger with threshold value 1
Analog values are not to be sent for every little change.

a) Triggered by each value

a) Conditionally spontaneousa) Time trigger

b) Triggered by each value

b) Spontaneousb) Threshold value trigger with analog value preprocessing

c) Triggered by current value

c) Conditionally spontaneousc) Threshold value trigger with low analog value preprocessing
The data volume per month should be as low as possible.If possible: Triggered by current valueIf possible: Conditionally spontaneous

If possible: Analog value preprocessing, Time trigger with long cycle or manual sending on Event trigger

In addition: Time synchronization only in long cycle

If possible: Transfer after call --

Table 1

If a data point is configured as a static value ("Transfer after call"), after a call from the communication partner the current value at that time is transferred. Parameter trigger and transfer mode are irrelevant for static values and for this reason they cannot be configured.

Further Information
A complete description of the terms is available in each of the CP or CM manuals.

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