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Monitoring media consumptions and availability of machines with S7-EE Monitor

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Standardized efficiency evaluation of machines, including efficiency log. The S7 energy efficiency monitor for machines allows you to easily evaluate the energy efficiency of your machine according to the measuring instruction VDMA 34179. Use the ready-made HMI visualization to efficiently show the energy data of your machine.

As a machine manufacturer, you face the challenge of having to assess your machine with respect to its efficiency.


You are required to specify the media consumption (water, gas, electricity) for each produced unit of the production machine. Since a production machine works in different modes (e.g. standby, operational, working), it is more complicated to detect and record efficiency compared to a household appliance, for example.

Using the S7 energy efficiency monitor, you record the efficiency of your machine uniformly and visualize the data in the HMI.
Starting with TIA Portal V15, the two S7 instructions "Ens_EEm_Calc" and "Ens_EEm_Report" are available for this purpose.

Based on the energy data of the machine and the piece counter, these modules calculate the media requirements of your machine for each machine mode in an energy performance index (EnPI).

The new function 'S7 EE monitor for machines' is specifically aimed at mechanical engineers and makes it possible to equip machines with functions for energy transparency and thus rounds off the functionality of the Energy Suite on the machine as well.
The functions can be integrated in every SIMATIC S7-1200 as well as S7-1500 controller from firmware version V4.2 / V2.1. 
The plant operator has an eye on the energy requirements both during the procurement stage and during the plant life cycle.

The S7 energy efficiency monitor offers you the following functions
- Calculate the energy performance indicators of your machine (according to the measuring instruction VDMA 34179)
- Visualize the files on an HMI device (SIMATIC TP900 Comfort)
- Create an energy efficiency log in Excel (according to ISO 50001)
- Connect to cross-machine systems, such as WinCC or Energy Manager PRO
- Visualization of your machine availability

HMI visualization
This application example gives you an HMI visualization for the S7 energy efficiency monitor. The visualization is projected on a SIMATIC TP900 Comfort Panel.

Visualiserung auf dem HMI Bediengerät

Energieeffizienzprotokoll (Microsoft Excel)

In the following video you find tips and tricks concerning the S7 Energy efficiency monitor.

The application example contains the visualization on a Comfort Panel, the template for the energy efficiency log and the documentation.

  Documentation (3,0 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Example project for TIA Portal V15.1 (5,7 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Library for TIA Portal V15.1 (2,6 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Microsoft Excel template "EnergyReport" (81,1 KB)

  ReadMe_OSS.htm (157.4 KB) 

Last Change
New function "plant availability" added; update to TIA Portal V15.1

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