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Why is it not possible to make a project transfer or firmware update with Mobile Panel 2nd Generation in TIA Portal V15.0?

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When you transfer the firmware image version V15.0.0.0 with WinCC (TIA Portal) V15.0, you get various error messages.

TIA Portal V15.0 includes a new operator version for Mobile Panels 2nd Generation (V15.0.0.0). The associated firmware is a component of the project transfer.
Mobile Panels 2nd Generation cannot be configured with V15.0. However, the compiled project cannot be transferred to these devices.

If you attempt to transfer the firmware version V15.0.0.0 to a Mobile Panel 2nd Generation, you get the following error messages depending on the type of transfer used:

Download via...Error message 
1. TIA Portal "Adaptation of target device failed"

Fig. 01
2. ProSave  "The selected image cannot be installed"

Fig. 02
3. Image transfer via USB stick on the panel (The firmware version V15 is only displayed as long as the option "compatible files only" is not enabled, and cannot be downloaded.)

Fig. 03
4. Project transfer via USB stick on the panel  "Firmware file is Incompatible"

Fig. 04

Until further notice it is recommended to use operator panel version V14.0.1.0 both in new projects and in existing projects.

Proceed as follows to check/change the set version of any operator panel:

  • Open "Devices and Networks".
  • Select the device concerned and right-click to open the option "Change device/version".
  •  In the pop-up window the currently set firmware version is on the left. Via the device tree on the right you select the appropriate panel with the latest firmware version. Then in the "Version:" drop-down list box you select the new desired FW version V14.0.1.0.

    Fig. 05

  • Change the firmware version to the latest version and compile and save the project.

With TIA Portal V15.1 and higher these error messages no longer appear.

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