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Delivery Release SINAMICS S210, SIMOTICS S-1FK2 and Motion Connect OCC

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The SINAMICS S210 drive system in the 1 AC 230 V version with SIMOTICS S-1FK2 motors and the Motion-Connect OCC cable are released for delivery with immediate effect.

The new servo drive system comprises a SINAMICS S210 servo converter, a SIMOTICS S‑1FK2 servomotor and an associated One Cable Connection (OCC) for connecting the motor to the converter.

The SINAMICS S210 is a single-axis AC/AC servo converter system with high performance and dynamic response for mid-range motion control applications. SINAMICS S210 servo converters are available for line voltages of 200 ... 240 V 1 AC, and the SIMOTICS S‑1FK2 servo motors for a power range from 0.05 ... 0.75 kW with shaft heights of 20 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm in the High Dynamic (HD) and Compact (CT) versions.

SINAMICS S210 can be used in numerous applications. Typical applications include:

  • Packaging machines
  • Handling equipment
  • Feed and withdrawal devices
  • Stacking units
  • Automatic assembly machines
  • Laboratory automation
  • Woodworking, glass and ceramic industries
  • Digital printing machines

Can be flexibly used

SINAMICS S210 is a flexible and versatile system. SINAMICS S‑1FK2 synchronous servomotors are used in rotary and linear axes. The integrated One Cable Connection (OCC) interface allows a SIMOTICS S‑1FK2 motor to be connected in a user-friendly fashion using just one cable. The electronic motor rating plate data can be read out, which means that the motor and encoder do not have to be configured. This significantly simplifies and shortens commissioning. In conjunction with the technological functions of the higher level controller, there are many motion options available – everything is possible, such as continuous operation, positioning and synchronous operation and coordinated motion of multiple axes using cams or interpolation.

The SINAMICS S210 converter has an integrated PROFINET communications interface for connecting to a control system.

The data exchange with the higher-level controllers takes place via standardized protocols – the PROFIdrive profile for positioning mode and the PROFIsafe profile for safety-related communication. This functionality allows the converter to be optimally used with the SIMATIC S7 automation system. The drive axis is linked into a SIMATIC S7 or a SIMOTION controller using technology objects and motion control blocks.

High performance for fast and precise control

The high performance of the SINAMICS S210 servo drive system in conjunction with the SIMOTICS S‑1FK2 servomotor is based on the following features:

  • Low moment of inertia and high overload capability of the motor
  • High-resolution encoder with fast sampling
  • Current controller clock cycle of 62.5 μs and a servo converter pulse frequency of 8 kHz

This enables short machine cycle times even when complex motion control is involved.

Optimized connection system with One Cable Connection (OCC)

Motor and converter are simply connected using one instead of the usual two or three cables. With the One Cable Connection, power supply, encoder signals and the brake control signals are transferred in one single cable. This results in the following advantages:

  • Time-saving as only one cable has to be routed
  • Less installation space required - and smaller cable glands/entries, tight bending radii
  • Only one cable has to be cleaned. This is advantageous, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry and where higher requirements are placed upon hygiene
  • Can be ordered to the decimeter
  • Motor-side M12 (smallest OCC connector worldwide) and M17 plug connector
  • Rotatable connectors on the motor side
  • Motor with very low interfering contour when installation space is restricted.

Two different cable qualities are available:

  • MOTION-CONNECT 500 and

Easy commissioning as a result of the web server and One Button Tuning

The web server integrated in the converter makes parameterization simple1). The web server allows commissioning purely oriented to the functionality of the drive. With the web server, the SINAMICS S210 servo drive system can be commissioned with just a few clicks.

By reading the electronic rating plate of the connected SIMOTICS S‑1FK2 servomotor, only a few operator actions are necessary, such as the automatic controller optimization with One Button Tuning, as the motor and encoder are automatically identified. The controller parameters are automatically optimized. The three selectable dynamic response levels of the controller can optimally take into account the required response of the connected mechanical system.

When commissioning, the axis can be directly moved from the web server control panel.
Customers benefit from the web server in various ways:

  • The system can also be easily commissioned in locations that are difficult to access, as the web server in the converter can also be accessed directly via PROFINET from the control system.
  • The web server provides full diagnostic capability without requiring additional software.
  • Commissioning and diagnostics can also be performed wirelessly via mobile terminal devices, such as laptops, smart phones and tablets (an additional WLAN access point is necessary).
  • Intuitive user interface

1) Available soon: Integration in Startdrive


Faults and alarms are shown on the display located under the front flap, and can be acknowledged using the Acknowledge button. Comprehensive diagnostics with plain text messages indicating the cause and countermeasures is possible via the web server.

Safety Integrated

The integrated safety functions can provide highly effective application-oriented protection for persons and machinery (terminology as defined in IEC 61800‑52).

The following Safety Integrated Basic functions are included as standard:

  • Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Safe Brake Control (SBC)
  • Safe Stop 1 (SS1)
The following Safety Integrated Extended Functions2) are available:
  • Safe Stop 2 (SS2)
  • Safe Operating Stop (SOS)
  • Safely Limited Speed (SLS)
  • Safe Speed Monitor (SSM)
  • Safe Direction (SDI)

The Safety Integrated functions are fully integrated in the drive system. They can be activated at the converter via fail-safe digital inputs (only STO and SS1) - or via PROFINET with PROFIsafe.
The Safety Integrated functions are implemented electronically, and therefore offer short response times in comparison to solutions with externally implemented monitoring functions.

2) vailable soon: The Extended Functions require firmware V5.1 SP1 and motors capable of safety-related operation. Both will be available at about the middle of 2018.

Perfect team when combined with SIMATIC S7‑1500, SIMATIC S7‑1500 T‑CPU and PROFINET

Communication with the higher-level control system is established via PROFINET IRT. SIMATIC S7‑1500, SIMATIC S7‑1500 T‑CPU and SIMOTION can be used as controllers for optimum interaction between the control

system and the SINAMICS S210 servo drive system.

The SINAMICS S210 servo converter has an integrated PROFINET communications interface with a clock cycle of up to 250 μs for connecting to a control system.

Standard protocols for linking to a higher-level control with RT and IRT are supported – the PROFIdrive profile with DSC for positioning and the PROFIsafe profile for safety-related communication. Functions, such as Shared Device, ring redundancy and PROFIenergy are also possible. Everything from one source: The combination of converter and SIMATIC S7 automation system or a SIMOTION control - and using the motion control functions in the control - facilitates an ideal environment for engineering applications. This reduces commissioning times.

Using technology objects and motion control blocks belonging to the higher-level control opens up many motion options, for example endless operation, positioning, synchronous operation, coordinated motion of several axes, cams and interpolation.


SINAMICS S210 are supplied as standard with coated or partially coated modules. The coating on the modules protects the sensitive SMD components against corrosive gases, chemically active dust and moisture.

Can be used worldwide

In addition to the usual approvals, the SINAMICS S210 drive system also has UL approval for the North American market. This means that the drive system, comprising SINAMICS S210 and SIMOTICS S‑1FK23) - including the One Cable Connection (OCC), can be used worldwide

3) Available soon: The UL certificate for motors is scheduled to be available from the end of March 2018.

System overview

Technical specifications at a glance

Features of the SINAMICS 210 converter

Power range:

0.05 kW to 0.750 kW 
Voltage range:1AC 230 V (200 V ... 240 V)
Dimensions (W x H x D):45/55/70 x 170 x 170/195 mm
Safety Integrated functions:Integrated STO, SS1 and SBC
(available soon: SS1 with SBR or SAM, SS2 with SBR or SAM, SOS, SLS, SSM, SDI, SBT)
Communication:PROFINET IRT, PROFIdrive, PROFIsafe, PROFIenergy
EMC filter:Integrated, Category C2 (up to 10 m)
Standards:CE, cULus, EAC, RCM
Typical control:SIMATIC S7-1500/SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU/SIMOTION

Features of SIMOTICS S-1FK2 motors 
Two versions:High Dynamic and Compact  
Shaft heights:20/30/40 mm
Rated torques:0.16 - 2.4 Nm
Rated speed:3000 rpm
Maximum torques:
0.56 - 7.6 Nm
Maximum speed:6000 - 8000 rpm
Encoder4)20 bit absolute singleturn or multiturn
Options:Holding brake, plain shaft or shaft with keyway, shaft sealing ring for IP65
Motor connection system:One Cable Connection (OCC) with SPEED-CONNECT quick-release mechanism and rotatable, compact connector
Permissible cable length: up to 50 m

4) Available soon: Encoders for motors capable of safety-related operation scheduled to be available from the middle of 2018.

Ordering and selection data

Ordering data for the SINAMICS S210 drive system are provided in the new Catalog D32.

  SINAMICS-S210-Article_numbers.pdf (50,9 KB)


In the near future, additional information on the products will be available on the SINAMICS S210 drive system website:

SINAMICS S210 drive system website


Quick Installation Guide

DT-Configurator -> Motor selection -> SIMOTICS S-1FK2

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